Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fritting Down On The Ground

Dude, get your own lantana. This one is mine.

The yellow lantana that surrounds the powerpole at PFHQ was alive with Gulf Fritillary butterflies Sunday afternoon.

I spotted them as I walked by to put up some tools after planting a bunch of giant bamboo (later post). I was so tired and sore from two days of digging and hacking and planting bamboo that I just plopped down in the grass. It felt good to sit and I shot a bunch of shots as the GF's worked the blossoms.

I think this is my favorite butterfly, from their spiky punkrocker larvae to their brilliant adult colors, they are a feast for the eye.

...unlike this unrewarding little snack for the eye.

Talk about "What Not To Wear"... never wear offwhite to an orange party.


lisa said...

Very cool, I love the first picture!

Thunder Dave said...

Let's just hope the last one is smart enough not to show up after Labor Day! ;-)

nfmgirl said...

I have a GF cat on the passion vine I just planted in the butterfly garden I'm starting. I've had the vine in a pot for months, and it was doing well. Since I've put it in the ground, it hasn't been doing well. I've been wanting GF cats so bad, but now I'm just hoping my vine can hold up under the one cat that I've finally lured in.

TenMile said...

Any idea how those critters look in ultra lights?

Just trying to visulize the tactics of the out of uniform fellow.

Patrick said...
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Hurricane Teen said...

Ah, but our leaf-like fellow is less likely to be spotted and used as a play toy by any rogue laboradors!

TROLL Y2K said...

Beautiful shots. Even more so than usual. Don't think we have those in Troll County.

Thanks again for hosting the throwdown and picking a clever theme. Iron Heff is hosting for September. Which is kinda scary.

robin andrea said...

Love that GF, what an outstanding beauty, but I also have a soft spot for the little plain one in off-white.

Hurricane Teen said...

By the way, did I ever email you the name of that guy at my school who knows Jr? He is actually one of my roommates this semester.

kathy a. said...

i think the off-white is elegant. but the GF is glorious.

who wouda thunk it?? said...

that's palest green, I think it is very calming :P haha

Floridacracker said...

Thanks! Butterflies are pretty rough and tumble for such fancy dressers.

I think you can get away with that down here so close to the equator.

Don't lose hope. I find passionflower to be a really tough plant. I have volunteers out in the lawn that get mowed and spring right back up before you know it.

No I don't, but I wonder about it now. Good question.

No you never did and I am docking points for lateness.
Hope college is going well.

No problem. It's a fun thingie you have created. Good job. Host Heff should be a riot.

I think you have a soft spot for most living things. :)

Kathy A,
Well said and gracious to both.

Who wudda,
You are right. My male color blindness called it off white when it's really the lightest shade of green.

Doug Taron said...

I love GFs. We're too far north for them here.

DP said...

Stunning photos!