Thursday, August 13, 2009

It's Culinary Throwdown Time, You Goobers!

Okay, I'm late, I know it.

How do I know it?

Chef Troll keeps reminding me , that's how.

Chef Troll is an admitted conundrum enigma burrito, but he has an interesting blog that ranges from politics (a tad right of center ... like Chicago is a tad north of Miami), horse racing, pro-golfing cousins, haiku's, Akitas, and food.

We don't agree all the time, and we don't know each other ... which is probably good, ... but I like him.

If you've been hanging around here for a while, or if you never come here, but you love Chef Troll's blog, you already know that he has sponsored a few Culinary Smackdown contests where interested bloggers may achieve fleeting internet stardom by producing a culinary wonder based on the stipulations of the Culinary Throwdown Challenge.

I came in second on one of these Culinary Smackdowns. I tried pretty hard, but could not get over Heff and Donna's chicken BREASTS.

In the end, I was the first place loser ... isn't that what we call second?

Still, it was fun, and Chef Troll deserves credit for creating yet another clever blog thingie, I believe he also is the creator of Mute Monday's, although I don't participate in that one.

So here we go ..., but first a little history.

Peanuts are a new world wonder food (unless you are allergic) that were probably first domesticated in Argentina. Let's take a look at the lowly Peanut's claim to fame:

  • High in protein.
  • High in some pretty well respected antioxidants.
  • High in reservatrol which may keep you young and muscular.
  • A good source of niacin and CoQ10
  • A major food crop around the world ... China grows the most. The Europeans eat the most.
  • They are legumes, so they improve the soil through nitrogen fixation as they grow.
  • Are incredibly versatile in the kitchen ... they run the culinary gambit from appetizers to main dish to desert ... even drinks!
  • The source of a wonderful high quality frying oil to fry all our southern food in.

By now, you have of course figured out that the peanut will be the focus of this Culinary Throwdown ... in fact you probably scrolled right past all that nerdy stuff up above.

That's okay.

Here is the challenge and stipulations:

  1. Produce 3 dishes that include peanuts as an integral ingredient. Peanut in any form counts, so using peanut butter is acceptable, but just frying in peanut oil is not of course.
  2. One of the dishes MUST be an entree and one must be a desert. The third dish may be anything you please as long as peanuts play a starring role.
  3. Deadline is ... let's give plenty of time on this one ... how about Sunday, August 23rd.

When you players are ready and have posted your entries, let me know in the comment section. It might be a good idea to let Chef Troll know also, since the Throwdown is his baby.

Nuttin like a good food Throwdown!


Florida Beach Basics said...

Years ago, on my first trip to Florida, boyfriend picked me up at the airport, we went to Bernard's Surf (an upscale bar), and I stuck my hand into a bowl of peanuts - they were wet, and I made some comment about who poured beer in the peanuts. They were boiled, of course. Never acquired a taste for them - you?

chickory said...

oh ive got the dessert! er...whoever won that other throwdown...the cheap food contest?

Prem Subrahmanyam said...

boiled peanuts are awesome!


lisa said...

That is one I will pass on. I could come up with something if I had to. Like a peanut butter sandwhich, and a peanut butter cookie. He, He

Thunder Dave said...

You're on!

TROLL Y2K said...

Wow. Simple but very challenging.
I only have one dish in mind, but I'll get 3 done by the posting date of August 23rd.

I'll cross-promote on TTR and visit the blogs of participants to offer encouragement and prizes.

I figure the GRAND PRIZE must include 3 but individual dishes deserve some love too.

Thanks for hosting!

Floridacracker said...

I love boiled peanuts ... love,love,love them.

Welcome! I don't know who won that, but I bet Troll could tell us. I didn't play in that one. Looking forward to your entries!!

Totally dude. I have to force myself to walk away after awhile. I just can't stop eating them.

Hey, Peanut Butter sandwiches are my lunch about 200-250 days a year. I love em!
Good fer ya too!

This should be good. Too bad you aren't down here for some fresh green peanuts.

Sounds good! I agree on the singles need reward too. Now I have to choose my recipes.

moi said...

Totally cool! I will make it a point to participate. Peanuts are one of nature's most perfect foods . . .

robin andrea said...

I won't participate, but I've got a recipe for a peanut butter sauce that is spicy and delicious. It's called Gado-Gado. I haven't made it in years, but perhaps in honor of this contest, I'll whip up a batch.

Mute Monday?

Anonymous said...

I do love boiled peanuts.

Here is a simple recipe that I got from another blog for peanut butter cookies. No flour. They are pretty good! Quick and easy:

Aunt Violette's Peanut Butter Cookies:

1 C. Sugar
1 C. Peanut Butter
1 Egg

Mix ingredients, flatten, bake at 350 degrees until they're done.
That's it.

You can add just a touch of vanilla for flavoring but it's not really necessary for excellent cookies.

Your peanut butter must be oily. We use half crunchy and half creamy. I've tried Peter Pan PB and the cookies don't maintain their integrity coming out of the oven.

The caution is from the guy who had the recipe on his blog.


Boxer said...

I'm in, even though I think it's going to be more difficult than just opening up a jar of peanut butter... which is my favorite lunch.

See you on the 23rd!

Heff said...

Oh, you guys are gonna GET IT !!! Do you honestly want documented footage of Donna mutilating my nuts ?!?

kevin said...

Too easy.

Appetizer - salted peanuts

Entree - boiled peanuts & beer

Dessert - peanut brittle


Sandcastle Momma said...

I could eat boiled peanuts until I pop. Count me in on this one!

LaDivaCucina said...

Darnit, I just made a few lovely dishes including peanuts!! I won't be making them again cuz they are so rich but maybe I'll post the photos and dishes to participate. God, I love peanuts! (but NOT boiled!)

PS: I like your Florida photos, I live here too, in Miami.

Floridacracker said...

Great! Peanuts truly are almost perfect! Can't wait to see your entries.

Sounds good! Mute Monday is Troll's creation. Each Monday a theme is given and players post photos to illustrate their view of the theme.

Sounds good! I love a good cookie.

Hey great! Peanut butter sandwiches are my lunch about 250 days a year. I think it's going to be tough on the entree end of it. Glad you are participating!

That vision has permanently scarred my eyes.
Can't wait for your entry cause I know it's gonna be good.

There's much to be said for simplicity bro.

Great! Me too ... I'm boiling some today!

Thanks! Miami? Will these be Caribbean dishes I wonder?

Aunty Belle said...

I give up--Kevin wins it!!