Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Bear vs The Alien Milk Video


W.R. said...

Heh. Some day, FC ... you're going to be napping nicely ... totally off guard ... and this big black Lab is going to ...

Pablo said...

Poor Bear!

So I guess his digestive track doesn't have any problem with milk.

cinbad122 said...

What you 2 do that Bear!!! He should come live with me! He wouldn't have to be teased! ;)

Jen said...

I love his wagging tale through all that--he trusts and loves you. Look how you repay that! Naughty...

Bill said...

That is just wrong!


Thunder said...

I feel like I'm back in China, the videos are being blocked from me!

Cathy S. said...

My son has been experimenting with dry ice since he discovered he can buy it at Publix now. I don't think I will show him this video. Poor Bear!

h said...

Sometimes you put "That boy ain't right" in the labels section.

R.Powers said...

LOL! I think you are probably right! Bear will have his revenge.

He's a mammal.

Like you don't tease...
Anyway, Bear might see your cats as chew toys.

Our evil knows no bounds.
If you only could see how we fawn over that big baby. We are completely smitten with him.

I know ... isn't it great?

P&G feels threatened by Bear?

Cathy S,
We were in Dry Ice heaven for a few weeks when we got a connection to free left over shipping dry ice.
We blew things up, teased Bear, got foggy ... great fun.

... and you don't know how close I came to tagging it with that one.

jean said...

This is just so wrong. That poor dog. Where was Mrs. FC while this was going on? I don't think you two boys should be left alone with Bear. The other thought that comes up is "I'm telling your Mom".

Come home with me Bear. I promise no dry ice.

betty said...

hi; came over here by way of Native Mom's blog; cute little trick you played on Bear; he seemed to take it pretty well too!

nice blog you had; happy belated birthday to your mom! the festivities (and chicken) looked fun and delicious!


Caroline said...

I can't believe how calm and patient that hound is! Jack Sparrow at our house would have yapped his little schnauzer head off.
We used to get our lab to "dive" for cheese chunks in his water dish. We kids thought it was hilarious, my mother, not so much.

Unknown said...

Awww what a curious cutie!! Love seeing Bear videos!

R.Powers said...

When the cat's a way, the mice will play!

Hi! Welcome to Pure Florida! We have great fun with Bear. He's a good sport.

Alternately frenzied and sweetly calm is pretty normal lab behavior in the first 5 years. :)
I can just imagine the cheese chunk water puddles on the floor.

He is such a goof. Love you!

LauraHinNJ said...

Fun! I'm amazed he didn't even bark once!

(But my Luka is VERY vocal about everything.)

I'll have to figure out how to use the video feature on my old camera... I can just imagine the doggy *torture* that will ensue.


STEB said...

so i take it that bear likes his milk at room tempature or eaven body temp still he will grow up. you schould have seen my rat terror drinking with us the other night ;) could not get enought of playing fetch the rest of the night and letting us know in a voice unlike i have ever heard too funny S T E B

lisa said...

Very funny, my Jake would of done the same thing! so, funny! I love labs!

Ericka said...

lol. poor bear, so confused!