Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tardy Photographer Beats Sun

My faithful steed at Cedar Key.

Saturday, I got off to such a late start that I knew if I went East to the swamps, I would run out of the photo part of photography, so I turned West instead.

With the JEEP pointed west, I let the 4 cylinders roar and raced the sun to the Gulf. As it turned out, I got there just in the nick of time ...

... and received validation of my decision to go west young man.

"Young" is a state of mind ... okay... and body.

It's all relative.


Sandcastle Momma said...

Beautiful. Just one of the reasons we call this paradise!

threecollie said...

Very nice! And all things being relative, you are, after all, younger than I. lol

Pablo said...

Well done, and thanx for sharing it with us!

(I applaud the experience and talent of my elder!)

LaDivaCucina said...

I love our Florida sunsets! When I lived in California, you never saw "weather" or even clouds so I love the drama of our southern skies!

I have a number of sunset shots from my balcony if you care to check 'em out:


Sharon said...

Beautiful! I was recently in Cedar Key for a photography field trip. You got a much better sunset than we did though :)

lisa said...

You sure said a mouth full there, because I sure do agree!

robin andrea said...

Ah, a wise decision amply rewarded. So beautiful, fc.

amarkonmywall said...

Beautiful sunset, young man! And FYI, Lost Loon Lodge is nestled into a cove at the base of Mt. Greeley:

"Eagle River soon became the county seat, first of Houghton County, then of Keweenaw County after Houghton County was split off. It grew to have two breweries and the well-known Eagle River Hotel that hosted American President James Garfield and influential newspaperman Horace Greeley, he who advised, "Go west, young man." Greeley was a shareholder and director of a Keweenaw mining company. By 1880 an Eagle River company that made fuses for mining explosives was making 50,000 feet of fuses a day."

Floridacracker said...

You get some spectacular ones out your way too!

Not much I think!

You crazy young'n.

I think I would really miss the weather! Love to check out your shots!

Sunsets are fickle beasts. I suspect they are female.

Not planning to act my age... ever.

It worked out nicely, but a moment more of indecision and I would have missed it! Timing!

Hey Cool!!!
You have more connections...

Deb said...

Nice. Reminds me I need to get out and chase the sunset more...which won't be hard when we go off daylight savings!

Caroline said...

I got an amazingly similar sunset over water shot last summer, looking across Lake Champlain from the Vermont shore to the sunset on the New York weird. My ancestors literally did the "go west young man" thing in the early 1800s, they went west from Vermont and settled in New York, 1.25 miles across the lake, property they settled on is still in the family.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the night the four of us wanted a sunset for the renewal of our vows, huh?

S N B said...