Friday, October 09, 2009

Tiny and One Big

I took a walk this morning and found tiny things ... things you could easily miss if you were preoccupied with getting to work.
I was not.
I'm playing hooky with Bear (using a day of personal leave).
We have a long night ahead of us with the distant football game and Bear needed a break ahead of that, plus I have so much #$%@^# redundant accountablility stuff to do for Uncle local/state/federal government that I had to make my own planning day just to do some of the online stuff.
Wow ... that was a long sentence, I hope you took a break in there somewhere ... I sure didn't leave you one.

When in doubt, it's an aster ... hope I'm right and not making an aster of myself.

Pardon my finger in each shot, it's just a size reference so you can get a feel for the delicacy of these wildflowers growing where we don't mow.

This one escapes me ...
I suppose being tiny is one way of picking your pollinators. A bumblebee would ride this flower to the ground like my son when he does skin the cat on a young pine tree.
(I taught him that and now most of my young pines have suspicious curves)

Suspicious curves ... that's kind of ... what was I talking about?

Here's the queen of tiny flowers ... Blue Curls.

Palafoxia shows she has pretty curls too.

Just in case the size of the flower matters to some of you, here is a true sunflower!


threecollie said...

Must be the season for frustrating pointless paperwork type stuff...thanks for the lovely little flowers to help us through the day.

SophieMae said...

Aaahhh, lovely! You know, of course, which is my favourite. Very nice profile of the queen. 8-]

Miz S said...

Good call, taking that personal day. I'm planning one myself.

You and the flowers. You are the Georgia O'Keefe of the Florida bloggers.

Sharon said...

Lovin' these

LaDivaCucina said...

Can you recommend a flora and fauna book for me to learn more about Florida? I had a fantastic bird book when I lived in Australia and got a kick out of marking the birds I spotted! Thanks.

Floridacracker said...

You are welcome!

Yes, I thought you might like that one.

Miz S,
Take it. I didn't accomplish half of what I was supposed to, but it was good anyway.
Florida O'Keefe?

La Diva,
That would make a neat post! Okay if I do it that way?

robin andrea said...

So nice to see flowers still blooming there, fc. Lovely colors in fall.

LaDivaCucina said...

That would be neat-o! I'm uber-impressed with your knowledge of plants, bugs and stuff but I can't carry YOU and the computer out to nature with me so an old-fashioned book will have to suffice! thanks so much!

advisor said...

Beautiful flowers!
Does anyone know the name of the white one, second photo from the top? It grows around my place.

roger said...

the sunflower and sun photo is the best. maybe not the best flower, but certainly a superb image.

lisa said...

I love the purple one the best! But all wild flowers are pretty for the most part!

Kimberlee said...

Awesome photos, FC! And that last one with the sun and water droplets is simply amazing! Great way to spend a personal day. :)