Thursday, January 21, 2010

Oh Mon Dieu, Non Pas Gumbo Again!

Well, you'll never hear me complain about gumbo again ... not in my très mal le français, or in my pretty decent Anglais.

I'm writing this last night (time travel is no problem when you have watched as much Star Trek as I have) after a day off due to an appointment with a new dentist.
Here's a little secret about me ... the dentist scares the pants off me. I had a childhood dentist who probably got his training at the Spanish Inquisition Dental School.
The result is, I'd rather wade through a swamp full of moccasins without those fancy snakeproof boots than go to the dentist.

Heck, that may not even be a secret ... I'm getting close to 2000 posts here and I have probably mentioned that before.

Today's appointment was the first introductory check up with a new dentist. Mrs. FC was really impressed with after they had worked together on some community health thang. I was to be the first of us to be seen as we make the switch from our previous dentist (an insurance thing).

I'll spare you the details, but let's just say this lady dentist was pretty incredible in a dental professional sort of way.
I'm feeling better about the next visit.
... but enough about my dentalwussnicity.

When I returned home from my appointment, I started a batch of low fat chicken and sausage gumbo. This gumbo is so low fat that when you put the leftovers in the fridge, there is essentially no fat layer at the top the next day.

We love it alot and it's been on this blog an embarrassing amount of times ... so, once more won't hurt.

Upper left: What the heck? Martian soil? Cocoa? No, flour browned in a 400 degree oven with no oil, no nothin'.
Lower left: bell pepper, onion, celery sauteing in a spray lubed cast iron pot.
Upper right: a spoonful of roux after the flower was added to the celery, pepper, onion mix.
Lower right: bubbling, almost fat free roux.

Below: A bowl of the finished product.

Only the knowledge that I had a zillion Mom baked original recipe Toll House cookies sitting at the end of the table kept me from eating waaaaaay too much gumbo. In fact, when I finish this post, I'm grabbing a glass of milk and a handful of those babies.

But first, I have to tell you about the legend of "Poony".

See the spoon in that last picture?
Nothing special about it, it's just your standard, round, soup spoon. Looks pretty institutional, nothing fancy, just stainless steel.

We don't know where this spoon came from. It seems to have just appeared here years ago. The spoon stands alone and is larger than our other soup spoons.

Somewhere along the way, it became my favorite soup spoon.
... and somewhere along the way, the girls named it "Poony" ... as in, "Stop everything, Dad can't find his wittle Poony and he can't eat his soup without it."

Now, I CAN eat soup without Poony, I just choose not to do so.
It just fits. I can't explain it and I don't mind the ribbing I get from Katie and Emma ... I think they secretly covet it.

As if my attachment to a spoon isn't odd enough, get this ...

Last weekend, I was home helping Mom and Dad with some chores. It was lunch time and Mom had made a big pot of lima beans and ham. If you are a long time reader here, you know my Dad had polio as a kid, broke his leg last year, and generally doesn't get around too well these days.

So, Dad was in his big comfy chair in the living room and I was getting his soup for him, so he would not have to get up.

I had his bowl of beans in one hand and was fishing a spoon out of the kitchen drawer when Mom stopped me.

"No Hon, don't use any of those for your Dad, he has to have his special spoon."

She handed me a spoon that did not match any of the rest.

"Don't ask me why, but you Dad has to have THAT spoon with soup."

I just stared at her ...

What are the odds of that?


Kenneth said...

How much flour do you use? And how long do you leave it in the oven?

lisa said...

Ok, give the rest us the rest of the recipe! My hubby went to the dentist yesterday to have a bone spur ground down and believe me he is getting to hate the dentist office. At work, I am a weaver, I have this special quill that I always keep in my back pocket or in my tool box that I never am without and I can pick that quill out of a box of hundreds if I have too! Everyone teases me when I drop it or forget where I had it last and go on a hunting frenzy for that special quill! So, I know what you mean!

Sandcastle Momma said...

That story is too funny. DNA is an odd thing - you never know where those little quirks will show up.

edifice rex said...

That's pretty funny but you know what is really odd? I have a "Poony" that looks just like that one. Well, actually I think Allen has it now but we used to fight over it because it is such a wonderful, simple design and no, we have no idea where that spoon came from either. We have even tried to take what little marking are on it and google it in hopes of finding a whole set. No luck yet.

Deb said...

I share your dental apprehensions. It's been a LONG time since I've sat in a dentist's chair.

The gumbo looks good as usual. I may have to learn the art of roux.

robin andrea said...

I think that spoon story must be the origin of, "like father like son."

Caroline said...

At our house it is tuna sandwiches that have to be cut on the diagonal or "they don't taste right!". It comes from my father-in-law to husband to daughters.

LJ said...

This post set up a craving, so I searched this blog, then Pure Food and can find NO recipe for Gumbo. This makes me very sad.

Floridacracker said...

Here is a recipe that is almost exactly the same. The difference is they are doing a traditional (fatty) roux.

Before you get to that step, brown your flour in the oven like I do and skip all that oil.

Go to this post of mine for more details on the toasting of the flour step:

You should come up with a pretty good gumbo with minimal fat if you use skinless chicken, low fat sausage, and the roux trick.

About a cup, due to my huge pot. Go to the link above to see the procedure.

I understand the quill thing completely.
Follow those links to find the recipe!

Weird isn't it.

I think I've said this before on your site, but "Great minds think alike."

This would be excellent on a subzero day.

I guess! Isn't that strange? It just floored me.

Funny, these family gems.

Don't be sad! I put some helpful links up above.

Thunder Dave said...

OMG, LOL! Lightnin has a thing about forks. We have normal sized and little salad forks and she always has to have a little one!
Also Asia is missing a bunch of tiny little spoons after our visit there, but I'll let Lightnin explain that! ;-)

TROLL Y2K said...

I wonder if that sort of quirky Father-Son thing has ever been studied. Gumbo sounds great and healthy.

The new Throwdown is Beef-n-Beans. You ought to be good at that.

Curious what your definition of "Greatest Generation" is.

Mine would be something like 1910 to 1925 birthdates using the standard 15 year measure. So, between 85-100 or dead. Overwhelmingly dead.

Anonymous said...

Geez-Is nothing sacred anymore?

Lynn said...

Apparently, you are your father's son!!

and my first dentist was named Dr Mangles so I completely understand the whole dentist hatred...

LJ said...

Merci beaucoup!

Woodduck said...

It's ok...I've got a special ice cream spoon made of pewter, that i found in the dosn't bend.
AND a spoon for cereal and soup.

Freste said...

Jeebus FC!! What in tarnation is that abomination in the last photo? It looks dangerous. I am immediately sending over HazMat with a couple of jumbo Bubba Mugs to haul that stuff away. Oh yeah and give them the spoon. It's made contact with the substance and must be handled appropriately.

Floridacracker said...

A forking afficiando?

Answered on your site, but being dead dosen't change the fact that while alive, they reaped an amazing return on a tiny SS investment. One younger folks will never enjoy.
Beef and beans ... hmmm.


Dr. Mangles? Nurse Maim his assistant?

De rien.

Found in your yard? Cool.

I ate it ... so far no mutations.

LaDivaCucina said...

Haha! Like father like son, the apple don't fall far from the palm tree!

Your daughters are funny to tease you that way! haha! Nothin' like torturin' good ol' dad! Don't worry it's only going to get worse!

Now THAT IS somethin' new, makin' a roux fat free? I love how you save calories on the gumbo only to indulge in them again by eating the chocolate chip cookies! haha! Kind like when a gal orders a Kahlua and Diet Coke at the bar....

SophieMae said...

Poonies are tribbles!
I'm so glad I saw your post before I finished my grocery list. I'll go ahead and thank you on behalf of Duller and DS.

word: thingly

roger said...

hey, gotta keep the right tool for the job once you find it.

you convinced me. i'm cooking gumbo tonight.

Miz S said...

Your girls sound like my girls. They love to tease their daddy, too. Sorry I'm so late over here. School was cuh-raaaaazy this week.

Floridacracker said...

Ha! Yes, I am hoping the gumbo balances out the Toll House!

They are? Must rewatch that episode.

Enjoy! ... none of that hippy tofu in it, okay?

Miz S,
Late or early, I always look forward to your visit!
It's not like I NEVER tease them , so alls fair!