Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Gecko Survives The Winter of '09

I was afraid my porch gecko had succumbed to the frigid temps this winter, since it was so wonderfully cold ... for so long.

So, I was pretty relieved last week to see him scamper across the porch ceiling when I went outside with Bear. By the time I put Bear up and grabbed my camera, he had tucked himself into his nook between the window fram and the siding.
I'm glad he made it.

I am happy about the gecko, but just a little concerned about the alien treefrogs that have started showing up on the porch.

Maybe it's just me, but usually a treefrog does not sport antennae or sit around with his hands clasped together ... as if he was ...

... plotting.


robin andrea said...

Nice to see your gecko. Always good to have an old friend show up like that. And yes, that tree frog definitely looks like he's plotting something. Mmmmm.....

Dani said...


Floridagirl said...

LOL! Love that shot of the treefrog!

elpbulls said...

Yup...he's plotting alright! I got a 100 on my first Micro Lab exam and a 94 on the lecture exam today!! :) Love ya!

threecollie said...

Glad the gecko made it. We seem to be frogless this summer, so maybe you can send us those aliens....

Cathy S. said...

I don't like the looks of that frog. WHOO HOO! Way to go Emma!

swamp4me said...

Tough little gecko - I'm glad he survived. Despite my love of all things frog, I do not like species where they are not supposed to be. Keep an eye on that fellow.

Caroline said...

OMG He looks just like Mr. Toad in the Wind in the Willows plotting one of his schemes!

Sit A Spell said...

He does look like Mr Toad! We have tons of frong here, but haven't seen one like yours...gonna keep my eyes open!

Rainforest Gardener said...

What kind of treefrog is that? He seems to have a bit of an attitude problem, so if he is an invasive I recommend humanely placing him in the freezer... once again, if its really invasive.
By the way, you know the gecko is invasive too, right?

Floridacracker said...

I think he needs to beam back up to the mother ship.

My thoughts exactly.

He's up to something.

You ROCK!!! Love you!

As soon as I find his space ship I will send him to NY.

Cathy S,
I remember when frogs were benign little guys. Thanks for the Emma cheer!

You referring to frog or gecko.
I think that's a grey tree frog in green.

I'm glad it's not just me that sees the malice in his countenance.

Sit A Spell,
Perhaps he is related?

I think this treefrog is a grey tree frog ... they are often not grey.
As for the mediterranean gecko, it is exotic, but not invasive. And this is one and only one that I brought to this isolated rural site in which I live. Unless we have a miracle, he will remain one.
I am with you on control of invasives, but like the chickens in my yard, every exotic is not invasive.
Good news, the cold winter completely wiped out the invasive brown anoles that were not invited here.
Welcome to PF and thanks for commenting!


Ok! I really had to smile as I am too a wacky Floridian happy to see lizards (and gecko's) survive the winter of 09...check out my blog: http://milkweedmama7.blogspot.com/2010/01/night-of-frozen-cuban-anole.html
and the follow up:

debbie said...

Love the video of Bear. It made me laugh. Pets are so entertaining. And about that frog, you can just see it in his eyes . . . he's thinking, thinking, thinking.