Friday, September 03, 2010

Friday Florida Food Fest - Pulled Pork and Grilled Potato Salad

Around here, the Southern Living magazine arriving is often followed by some new recipe trying.
Last week, it was a pulled pork and grilled potato salad double recipe event.

There was also a pecan upside down cake as I recall, but I have no photos of that.
It was good though, the cakey part had sweet potatoes and pumpkin spice so your taste buds were going, " Hey, is this pumpkin pie ... or cake ... no wait ... what are all these pecans doing here?"
I only got one piece, because it went off to work with Mrs. FC to reward her dedicated nursing staff.

This pork came out moist and delicious, although I am still partial to a spicier, vinegarier Carolina style pulled pork marinade.
This marinade was apple juice, white grape juice, sugar, and salt. That combo was injected repeatedly into the meat before grilling with a big ol' hypodermic needle thingie.

I felt like Doctor Kildare.

(... and if you know who that guy is, congratulations on surviving so many decades)

I did not make the grilled potato salad, but I ate my share of it ... and Katie, Emma, and Junior's share too ... (Go ahead kids, run off to college and enjoy your Ramen Noodles ... heehee).

Actually, I only had seconds, because the concept of leftovers and not having to cook on a following night is a neat, new experience.
Who knew?

So, as I said, I did not make the grilled potato salad, but I did have to put it on my grill for a while before it went in to be "saladized".

It was really tasty with a bit of a seared smoky flavor.

Now if you will excuse me ... I have to go take my "before" pictures.

P90X arrives this weekend.


kevin said...

Nice grill work. I loves me some grilled/BBQ pork. Just about any sauce will do but the Carolina style is Kelly's favorite.

Good luck with the P90X. My brother did it and got good results, of course he's not doing it anymore so now you just have to take his word.

threecollie said...

Could you explain that term "leftovers"?
If you cooked up something like that around here they would be as extinct as a dodo

The Florida Blogger said...

I could eat NC Eastern Style bbq every day of the week. Mmmmm. And I'm a Florida boy through and through.

cinbad122 said...

P90X?!?!?! Your butt is about to be kicked from here to next week!!! Have fun with that.

LaDivaCucina said...

Oh my Lord, does that all look great! I liked the idea of the upside down sweet potato cake? Ay ya yai! Good job! Pork might be a good choice for Monday's bbq.....

Rainforest Gardener said...

Oh I'm so hungry now... you gotta love that yummy smoky flavor!

lisa said...

Boy, oh, boy that sure looks very good. I wish I could of been there for that one!

Freste said...

Oh dang........ that plate looks just a tiny bit small. Tell you what. You fix me a bigger plate and I'll let you know how it is, while you do the P90X. Oh yeah, please pass me some hot sauce while you're at it.

ImagineMel said...

it's weird, isn't it?? Check out Lauren's blog, you can keep up with her travels!

Floridacracker said...

This was super moist, but I missed the tang and heat.
I'll let you know how P90 feels.

I know, I know. We never had them either, but now we do! Weird.

So ... you're saying you like it?

Yes, but it will be a much tighter butt.

For a cake with no chocolate, it was pretty darn good!

I do love me some smoke flavored chow!

Wish you coulda sampled it!

I know. I was trying a small plate to fool myself.
Just had to go back more often!

Thanks for that link! I hope she's having a great time!

ImagineMel said...

did you give a recipe for the salad?

Uth Video said...

OH! We just moved back to Michigan from Florida 2 years ago, and I agree about the sweet tea. They just don’t get it up here. I grew up in Ohio, yet apparently that is far enough south to prefer sweet over non. My husband thinks I’m crazy. And now I miss Florida!

bristol plasterer said...

yummy this sounds delicious. thanks for posting up this nice recipe.