Monday, December 27, 2010


No icicles here in Pure Florida yesterday, but my sweet sister-n-law did call me excitedly to announce that snowflakes were falling at her house.
They didn't last long, but were clearly visible on my big brother's black Ford pickup truck.
I did not doubt her for a second, because, at the time, I was only a few miles away at my folk's home and it was grey, windy, and FREEZING!

We were handed some much needed rain the night before as the front moved through and in typical Florida fashion, one day of grey mess dissolved into cold, clear, crystal blue skies.
Today is spectacular.

Christmas, both here at PFHQ and at Mom and Dad's, was very, very nice.
Lots of cheer and togetherness.

Mom and Dad gave me an ANNUAL PASS to Florida's state park system, or should I say, they gave US a PASS?
Y'all know that PASS will translate into beaucoup posts here at PF.

Florida's park entrance fees have risen lately, and while still reasonable ... if you go as much as I try to do ... for instance, dashing into Manatee Springs State Park (local for me) on a whim to check for sea cows, ... well the cost adds up.

The pass really is nice when I am just out wandering in the JEEP or cruising upon Raptor Red, because I can just whip in to any park that catches my fancy. In a park dense area, that can wind up costing big bucks ... but, not for me in 2011!

There will be posts.


swamp4me said...

I will be happy to send you some snow. We got 11 inches at our house. NC parks are still free admission, but there is always talk of starting to charge entrance fees. I hope we never have to resort to that.

robin andrea said...

What an excellent gift! The state park entrance fees cost quite a bit here in California, but we do get a geezer discount.

Pablo said...

I hope you have a great 2011.

Sayre said...

Awesome gift from the parents!!! We saw a few flurries here in Tally but that was all - still, the town was atwitter. I guess it doesn't take much to excite us!

Cathy S. said...

I gave youngest son a family state park pass as well. He can take his friends with him. He said it was the best gift he has ever gotten. Maybe you will run into him one day!

The Florida Blogger said...

I've thought about an annual pass to the parks, but I just don't know if I'd use it enough to justify it.

Anonymous said...

Hi FC,

That moss be one of the best gifts you've received!

Have a Happy New Year!


Floridacracker said...

Free? NC must have a state income tax.
I would love some of that snow!

You may qualify chronologically, but I can't imagine either one of you as geezers.

You too amigo. Why, you might even fire up RRJ. Imagine.

We Floridiots do go crazy for a bit of snow, don't we? I know I do.

Cathy S,
That would be swell!
There are so many "new" parks... I can't keep up.

As Captain Piccard said, "Make it so."

Ahhh, you know FC can't resist a good pun.

kathy a. said...

your parents know their boy. have fun!


I never thought of a gift to state parks. What a fantastic idea. We were at Washington Oaks in November and had no change to get in (ranger wasn't there at entrance) so left a bigger donation :) I had forgotten many of them charged as this area is still free where we hang out.

Deb said...

Those park passes are nice, although I seem to recall they cost a lot more there than in MN? Enjoy!

Hurricane Teen said...

I. Forecasted. That. :-)

Floridacracker said...

I used it already this morning at Manatee Springs.
Hoping for manatee shots since the ground was frosty white, but the river was so low, I believe they were farther out in the warm spring outflow, in water deep enough for an 8 foot long seacow to feel cozy and safe.

LaDivaCucina said...

Wow! What a thoughtful and useful gift! Sure as heck beats socks and soap on a rope, eh?! I took a look at state parks close to Miami and we have at least half a dozen, been dying to take our bikes up to Oleta for a while now. I look forward to your upcoming posts, Nature Boy!