Thursday, March 03, 2011


Here is my BBC ... Backyard Blossom Count for March 2011.

The pear tree is popping out and hosting company.
I missed the apple tree, but it was full of pink blossoms a week ago.

The dogwoods are just opening this week. This one still has that greenish, "I'm barely beyond bud" look.

I used to know this one, but don't feel like looking it up at 10:40 pm when I have to be in Orlando by 8:00 am tomorrow.
Ack! Why I am blogging and not sleeping?

The flower of course.
Not me.
The giant finger is simply a size reference.

Man oh man I love this scrubby tree.
Love carving it into whimsical sticks. Search the blog if you are curious.

The first bloomer around here is usually the Carolina Jessamine ... I should have named one of my girls that.
Such a pretty name.
Jessamine loves climbing up over other plants and then covering them in yellow blossoms in the spring.

Jessamine is a really great native flowering vine. Just sit back and it will do all the work.

It's high, low ... just all over the place right now.

Hog plums are blooming and buzzing near the old FFA pig pen. This tree has a buzzy soundtrack as you walk past.

There's a pasture down the road that looks like it is sporting a cloud on a stick. A very round symmetrical hog plum is in full bloom and it is just gorgeous.

And last, but not least, the wonderfully bell shaped flowers of my rabbiteye blueberries.
It looks like an incredible crop is again in the making.
Soon I will be posting about blueberry this, blueberry that, yada, yada ...
Well that's about it from PFHQ where all the flowers are good looking, the dog is intelligent, and the weirdness is above average.
As I whined about earlier in this post, I need to be in Orlando (a 2 hour ride) by 8 for a state Science Fair training and then I hope to bask in the glory of the Basspro Outdoor Center after the training is complete.
When in Rome ...


threecollie said...

My heart just puffed right up at the sight of all those flowers! Thanks!
Have fun at BassPro!

Darla said...

Jumping right into Spring I see. I believe your yellow flower is wild Oxalis.

cinbad122 said...

I will want blueberries! I think the little man will LOVE them. :)

Deb said...

Beautiful. Thanks for sharing your springiness with us northerners who still have to wait a while!

Anonymous said...

Once again...thanks for the Spidey! You thought I wouldn't see it didn't you?
"You know Who!"

Michelle said...

Just beautiful! So happy to have found another Florida-nature blog!

Dina said...

Beautiful shot of the flowers. Especially the dogwood. Can we grow them down here? I'm in central Florida. I used to have them in Atlanta.

Aunty Belle said...


The PFHQ is wearin' all her Spring finery--lovely lovely.

Would ya' have named that girl Carolina or Jessamine?

I'se sorry to miss ya if ya' came thisaway--could bring ya a bag of Pork Rinds.

Julie Zickefoose said...

Darla done chimped you before I could do it. Those flar pictures do my heart good. It's 40 and raining here, blaaa.

Oxalis! I just seen a flar named Oxalis! And suddenly that name
Will never be the same again...

I did not know you could grow apples and pears in Florida. Shows you what I know. Nuffin'!

Floridacracker said...

I love it when PF results in heart puffing.

With both feet! Thank you for the Oxalidentification.

You KNOW you'll get some.

First one of the season.
There will be more.

Hey! Welcome to Pure Florida! Glad you found PF. Will visit your site too!

You should be able to grow them just fine in central FL. I'm not sure how far south they go, but I'm in north central.

Dear Aunty,
How the heck are you? If I'm missing from your comment list lately, it's because IE locks up about 90 % of the time I go there.
Not sure why, but I wanted you to know.
I think I would have kept it Carolina Jessamine, or I could have named Katie "Carolina" and Emma "Jessamine".

We have a few Israeli produced low chill apple varieties that can produce here. My Anna apple needs a pollinator so she flowers a lot, but it is mostly unconsummated. The deer boys scraped her mate, a Dorsett, to death.
Oxalis in wonderland is more like it. Anywhere else, the poor things would be a weed.
I love tiny flowers.

Bill Webb said...

She beat me too, JZ.

Tiny flowers are a thing of mine, too. I love finding them in places that look barren.

Julie Zickefoose said...

Sigh. I'm going off now to pull up my photo of Zick, sandwiched in between two men who love tiny flowers.

The Florida Blogger said...

I don't you need a good reason to go to Bass Pro Shop, right:)