Thursday, April 28, 2011

Science Fairus Interruptus

This blog is temporarily interrupted due to science fair panic and pandemonium.

The fair is tonight.

"I have to have a data table?"
(yes, remember the guidelines I gave you?)

"When is the science fair?"
(um, tonight)

"My printer broke last night, can I go type up my information in the media center?"
(No, oh never mind, yes ... GO)

email: " Billy tells me there is a science fair project due on the 28th. Why wasn't he informed of this!"
(response: (He was weekly since January 4th and the school phone call-out system sent you a message reminder two weeks ago. Your daughter tells me you delete the message as soon as you hear it's the school, so that could be the problem)

Ad infinitum ...


Dani said...

Lordy, Lordy. You must have the patience of a saint.

Sayre said...

I cannot imagine being on your end of it. MY end is always a struggle and I'm grateful that this year's science teacher doesn't force kids to do science fair - but lets them participate if they choose to. I wish my son were more interested in doing it, but it's always so stressful - I'm glad of a year off. Next year, new school and mandatory participation I'm sure.

DHarper said...

I am soooo glad that I retired last year! While I never had science fair to deal with, the dreaded "research paper" was probably ten times worse (From an English teacher's perspective, anyway!)

Good luck. I hope they all do well.

threecollie said...

What fun! We used to hope one of the banties would have a hatch for the science fair each year, back in the day. And they often did.

amarkonmywall said...

Well, good luck with this. I'm sure your students will do you proud. At least some of them.

Floridacracker said...

Well, it's over.
Turnout was about 25 people.

There were probably about 300 display boards up in the cafeteria.

Pretty sad, yet pretty typical of our parental involvement.

Oh well, the kids (most of them) and I did our part.

lisa said...

Oh boy, nothing like last minute!

Thunder Dave said...

I miss going to the science fairs with the kids. It was pretty neet to see some of the displays that they (or their parents) would come up with!

robin andrea said...

Only 25 people showed up? I remember science fairs when I was young, and everyone came to see what was going on. My sixth grade teacher took me to the junior high science fair to show me some real science displays. It was one of those experiences that stays with you... dissected animals and great poster boards explaining everything. Oh, the good old days.

Miz S said...

What a discouraging parent turn-out.

Keep your eyes on the prize.