Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bee A/C

I was walking past an unused section of the garden recently when a constant BUZZ sound caught my attention. I tracked it down and found this bumble bee ventilating what I assume is a nest ... I did not poke my nose in there to find out.

The location is an old squirrel chewed bird house that sits on a very tall (deer) fence post. It was mid-day on a brutally hot, dry, day. The bee stayed there in the sally port all during the heat of the day.
At least ... it seemed like the same bee was there. I suppose they take turns with different shifts ... with one bee spelling another. (heehee ... that's subtle humor right there.)

"Morning Sam."
"Morning Ralph"

(If you have a Looney Tunes brain like me, you might be picturing a sheepdog and a wolf clocking in at a pasture time clock, right now.)

Bee cool dudes and dudettes.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Interesting to see these bees living in a house above ground. They were working hard with their ac duties.

Anonymous said...

Loved the Sam and Ralph reference! Things are progressing quite well so we will be seeing the FC family soon!

Sayre said...

I knew exactly what you were talking about! I've seen bees do the AC duty before. Very cool stuff!

Miz S said...

I had to google "sally port." There, I learned something new today.

Lynn said...

LOL Immediately got the Sam and Ralph reference. "and I will love him and squeeze him and call him George".

I watched WAY too many Saturday morning cartoons.....

Suzanne said...

I had to look up Sally Port as well as Sam and Ralph. What an innocent I am!!

I just love bumblebees and think they are wonderful. I admire bees in general because they are so diligent and work together. I was wondering why there was just one at a time winging it though. Must have been a fine breeze from those wings.

Anonymous said...

Hey FC,

I also had to Google Sally Port and Sam and Ralph. See, you even teach during the summer!!

All I can say is that I am very glad that I'm not a bee!

Have a good 4th! What time should I be there for the ribs? If it's moved to St. Augustine that's fine. I'm closer. You thought that I forgot, didn't you??!! (snicker)


kathy a. said...

Floridacracker said...

To all,
About the Sally Port reference,
I used it automatically. In my first stint in the NPS I rangered at Castillo de San Marcos, a 17th century fortress and it was a daily term.
I hope you will all now refer to your entry halls as the "sally port".

I know they are mainly ground nesters ... wonder if our #$%$#@$ fire ants cause them to adapt to higher nests?

Looking forward to it!

I see you have a Looney Tunes memory site in you brain too!

Miz S,
You KNOW how I love to challenge you vocabularilily.

I parked myself on the floor in front of the TV until they went off at noon.

It is such a small nest box that I think one buff bumble was enough to keep things cool.

LOL! Thought of you yesterday. I took a Key Lime cake to my new school for a training session lunch.
Yes, it was marvelous.

Kathy A,
Heh! Thanks for that!

Shelllady said...

What comes to my I flew in today and "boy are my 'arms' tired!" Very Cool!

Grant said...

I love it! Hate bees, but love the video!

WPgirl said...

Love the Looney Tunes reference.Thanks.