Monday, June 13, 2011

Deep 'N 'D Datils

Here we have the upper canopy of the famous Datil jungle. These are youngsters awaiting final transplant.
Their roots are cramped in tiny pots and it makes them grouchy, like a woman in stylish, but uncomfortable heels.

Relief is imminent, larger pots and fresh potting soil awaits.
 I fell behind in my transplanting and these ladies are way overdue for ... well, you know how it feels when you get home and kick off those high heels?

Yeah that feeling.

(No I don't wear high heels, but I am a keen observer of the smarter sex)

The season's first datil pepper ... another year's promise fulfilled.

Summer is about to get a lot hotter.


Bill said...

Love your new page layout. Easier on my old eyes. Found a couple of peppers this weekend on mine too. Thanks for sharing,


lisa said...

Love the new look! datil peppers,mmm good!

Rurality said...

Hey FC! All your plants look good. Mine are kind of crispy right now...

Jacki said...

Our bush took about a year to really mature, but this season it's loving life on my porch and producing like crazy! I picked 6 peppers off of it today!

Anonymous said...

Last yr. mine never produced anything. Had saved some seeds. I think I see one bloom. Not sure why they are so slow, but will wait and hopefully have some this year.
Tammy in LA

edifice rex said...

Smarter sex...heh! :) what a smoozer! but if we were smarter, would we wear such stupid footwear?

robin andrea said...

Summer is about to get hot with that delicious kind of heat. Yum. Your plants look great!

Miz S said...

Hmmm. No high heels for this woman. Now, how to explain my grouchiness?

Glad the datils are coming along so nicely.

Darla said...

I only have 4 Datil plants and they are beginning to bloom.

Cuz Tina said...

I'm convinced that datils do NOT like to be north of the mason-dixon line. I'm glad to see that crops are fine in the south.Good luck on your career move.

Heather said...

I made a lot of pepper & fruit jams last year from habaneros. (Loooooove them!) The description of datils makes me think they might be be even better for that. Have you had any before, can you recommend? I may need to try out datils next year!

jojo said...

NEW look. NEW JOB. R u having a mid man life crisis? Though much better then buying a ferrari. :)

ok fill me in. WHY the move? WHERE exactly? an island in the gulf? and oh my... I went back 8 or 9 posts but nothing else...

All i can say is you betta not slack on this blog. IT's the ONLY one i ever consistently follow.

So.. do you boat to school? can you wear flip flops? :)

Dani said...

Blog looks great!

Thunder Dave said...

The plants are looking good!

I got my hands on a Ghost Pepper that I'm going to try to raise!

It looks like we may be delayed until Aug, but I'll keep you posted!

cinbad122 said...

Excuse you, but if your heels hurt, your shoes don't fit right. And if you bought them that way, it is your own fault! :)

Dani said...

What do you use for fertilizer on the peppers?

julia said...

Love your blog! Any advice on why my datils are blooming, but then the flower just falls off and no production occurs? i am trying to grow them in coastal NC in containers.

Floridacracker said...

I happen to know your eyes and mine are a similar age. No "old" allowed bro.
Be there at the reunion in August!

Thanks Lisa!

Like an Alabama blog, they need tending from time to time ... ahem.

Sounds like you have the knack!

LOL! I did say I was a keen observer ...

I have been trying to use up last year's frozen ones in all manner of dishes!

Miz S,
Teaching. (In this political climate)

Give me an update as to how successful they were when it is all said and done.

4 plants will drown you in peppers if they do well! Way to go.

Cuz! I hate it that they are not cooperating with you. I guess I need to send you a jar of datil sauce.

Datils are closely related to Habeneros!I have datil seeds now (see ad) but it is kind of late for starting them in most areas. I plan to have seeds each year, so just let me know when you need some.

Hey! No slacking ... not any more than usual anyway! There actually is a bridge to this island.
I'm afraid I never wear flipflops.
It's an FC thang.

Good luck with that ghost.
See you in August.

Oh come on now, you can't tell me that really high heels are ever comfy.

Peters or miracle gro liquid fert.
Also poopy turtle/fish tank water.

Go here for help on that!