Thursday, November 24, 2011

Turkey Guy

I am the "Turkey Guy" at this year's Thanksgiving feast. The shot above was taken during a basting break for the dinosaur bird.
Our traditional turkey method involves lots of basil and wine.
The gravy that is produced from the pan drippings is dark, rich, and DELICIOUS.
This is a short post since I have been up since 4:00 am cooking 2 turkeys. While they roasted, I also gave the BEAR dog a bath so he can be shiny and fresh for his grandma who loves him like another grandchild.

Right now, the turkey's are done and it's time for me to make the gravy.
I bid you a Happy Thanksgiving and hope the day, the gatherings, and the food go just as you had hoped.


threecollie said...

I knew there would be good cooking going on at PF Headquarters. Happy Thanksgiving!

Florida Beach Basics said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Regarding your Avocet post - the next time you come to Port Canaveral, check out Avocet Lagoon by the Canaveral Lock. It's hidden, but you can find directions on my spacecoasteco blog. marge

robin andrea said...

The cat woke me at 4:00 AM (just to say hello, of course) and while I was awake I wondered, who do I know who would get up at this time of the day/night to put a turkey in the oven today? The answer: my sister and you!

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Miz S said...

Happy Thanksgiving, FC. I'm thankful that Vicki pointed me to the best all-around blogger on the internet. Have a great day with your family.

roger said...

that is a turkey par excellence. basil and wine... can't go wrong with those. happy thanksgiving to you all. woof woof woof. (for bear)

Anonymous said...

Working on two dinners today. Family and good food-can't beat it. Happy Thanksgiving!

lisa said...

I also was up at 4 this morning and I have to say I could just about go to bed now that the day is almost over. Happy Thanksgiving!

Cydney said...

They look so yummy, how 'bout a recipe?

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I know you enjoyed the feast. This bird is gorgeous. Poor Bear having to succumb to the indignities of a Holiday Bath. Luna sends her sympathy. She did too.

Sayre said...

Hmmm... wine and basil? I use olive oil, salt, pepper and paprika. My brother uses honey and brown sugar (of course, his is smoked and comes out black).

Aunty Belle said...

Know that turkey were a smash hit!

An'...while youse munchin' on PLENTIFUL leftovers, Auny needs to know: Has ya seen a Blacked Necked Stilt? Think it is in the Avocet family?

Imagine mah amazed self this mornin', readin' along in a new book saved jes' fer today (when Uncle departs fer the camp an' I'se left in utter quiet--refuse to be in anythang remotely near Black Friday)--yes readin' along in this new volume, an the fella discusses a shore bird called a black necked stilt--a bird wif' long stilt like RED legs. An he say it be found whar' ya see Avocets. Really? Twice in two days I read of Avocets?

Enjoy the day after.

Floridacracker said...

There was too much good food as usual! I did get my turkey sandwiches today though!

Thanks for that tip!!!

Miz S,
Thank you sweet thing. I'm thankful to know a teacher who let's tinylings bake pumpkin pies.

You know me too well! LOL

i have to agree with you. wine and basil = guaranteed success.

Hope it came out great!

I hit the rack at about 8pm last night!

Hey! Use the search this blog feature and search for it. I actually did a post about how I cook turkey some time ago.

Lisa at Greenbow,
You should see Bear right now. He is completely exhausted and sleeping on the couch.

Your seasoning sounds great too!!

Sara N. Dippity strikes again. She is something else.
I always have to stop and think, is that an avocet or a stilt?
The last time I saw stilts was a at Merritt Island NWR on a slow ride home.

Aunty Belle said...

well mah goodness. Sara N Dippity indeed. BTW, this books I'se readin'? Has yore name on it.

cinbad122 said...

I like the new banner! :)

Floridacracker said...

My name? FC or the real thang?

Thanks! I made that for open house at my new school ... Who is this new guy sorta thing.

Cydney said...

Thanks for the heads up on the turkey recipe. The new blog header looks great, however, can we reduce the number of "snake" pics? Maybe a bear shot instead!!!!! :)