Monday, April 09, 2012

The Buzz

The hummers were my constant companions yesterday while I redid a little greywater system that needed refreshing. I was digging right next to the feeding station and they weren't crazy about my proximity at first.

After a while though, they seemed to accept me and carried on with their feeding and aerial dogfights.

This faded old feeder still seems to work just fine. 
I clean it out between fillings and NEVER use the red dye nectar ... not after the blogflogging I got a few years ago when I posted a picture of my red nectar filled feeder.

Straight sugar water for these guys and if the don't like it they can just go suck on a honeysuckle.

The hummers have lots of choices around my place currently with coral honeysuckle and cherokee bean both blooming, so they really can. 


Pablo said...

Still too early for the hummers in my part of the world. But I'm planting around the cabin for them over the long term.

Dina J said...

Amazing shots of that tiny little guy. I've been thinking of putting one up but thinking of cleaning it all the time keeps stopping me. I don't know how many hummers we get in the Tampa bay area.

Anonymous said...

Hi FC,

You know that the blogflogging was for your own good. It's because we care.

My hummers are coming around. Butterflies too.

I love spring.


Anonymous said...

PS WOW, you can actually see him swallowing! Pretty cool.


Floridacracker said...

I keep planting for them too!

Thanks! The clean out isn't too bad.Just a hot water rinse and every so often a clorox soak to prevent mold and bacteria. The buzz is worth it.

It was gentle as floggings go. :)
I like the way he keeps popping up to see what I'm doing.

robin andrea said...

The Anna Hummingbirds over-winter here, so we get to see them all year long. It always amazes me that they hang out in the snow, at 2600 feet elevation. What did they do before we came along and put out their sugar water? I truly don't understand that. Always love watching them. They are fierce fighters and elegant flyers.

Thunder said...

Hummingbird feedeers are on our list, but they are down a ways on the list. ;-)

Kat said...

Graywater? I'm very interested in that. I saw a washing machine graywater watering system on tv which I thought was cool.

Sandcastle Momma said...

Great shots FC! The hummers enjoy my feeders but won't let me get good photos of them lol