Sunday, May 20, 2012

Blue, Chew, Wet, Black

Read Pure Florida for a year or two and you will come to expect a blueberry post or two around this time of year.

This year's crop is good, ... very good considering the incredible drought that has settled over us like a plague of perfect weather.

Perfect for everything Floridesque like beach fun, boating, fishing, and general touristical kind of things like wasting your money and time in an Orlando "Theme" park.

Not so perfect for plants and critters though.

I was all set to post a datil update since I have blossoms now, but the deer stopped by and thought they needed a little pruning.

They pruned my tomatoes too ... which always amazes me since tomato plants are so aromatic. I'm surprised deer like that.

It's all a temporary setback, as both pepper and tomato will recover.

 This is only mildly irritating to me, ... okay, maybe more than "mild" since I welcome deer here and think of PFHQ as a bit of a deer sanctuary. They are here with their spotted fawns now and I suppose Mama needed to chew on my pepper plants for some southern style milk production.

I'm really, really happy they don't seem to like blueberry plants.
When I should have been posting to Pure Florida or going out kayaking for PF fodder, I was working on this little project.
As many projects around here do, this one has morphed from a simple "hitching rail" type structure to delineate the parking area, to a yard delineating fence that will continue around and create a nice big Bear romping area.

(No, he won't jump over it ... he's afraid of fences ... don't ask.)

Green vinyl coated wire fence will go in under that rail and you can see that it has also morphed into a planting bed with a new irrigation system ...

... and I am sure that the metamorphosis is still in progress.

I pressure tested it this morning to check for leaks.
There were none.
Since this picture was taken earlier today, I've filled in the irrigation pipe trench and ran the system a while.

Everything worked!


It's not so much a lawn irrigation system as it is a planted bed system. We don't really irrigate our well adapted Bahia grass. It's drought tolerant and while it may not be golf course quality, it does just fine.

I'll actually be adjusting those sprinklers down to a shorter, spritzier setting once the plants go in.

I knew the job would come out okay, because I had this great job foreman supervising every step.


Anonymous said...

Umm Can I have a handfull of blueberries? I already have the cereal...

lesle said ... said...

FC, a good fence, as my farmer grandfather would say, is "horse-high, bull-proof, and hog-tight."

lisa said...

I love the hitching rail. I sure am hungry for some of those good looking blueberries.

Caroline said...

I recognize the deer pruning! My delphinium is now festooned like a June bride in deer netting, I get the flowers this time!

miz s said...

Good job, FC. I like to see you keeping busy.

Jeanne said...

I love your foreman! As a new Florida resident, I had to become your newest follower! Maybe I should plant some blueberries!

Dani said...

Lookin' good my friend!

Mark said...

A neighbor's mother who was recently visting told us she had seen blueberry plants near our house. I thought she was mistaken until I found a couple of plants in our back yard, happily producing blueberries. Imagine that!

robin andrea said...

It really surprises me that the deer don't eat the blueberries but do eat the tomato leaves. Interesting diet.

Aunty Belle said...

Iffin' ya' warn' so dern nice, I'd be jealous of all that energy.

Thangs is lookin' good at PF--best to all the critters

Deb said...

Bear has this look of wisdom about him.

Floridacracker said...

What a great saying!

I am gobbling blues by the handfull.

I feel your plant pain.

Miz S,
You should be thrilled then.

Thanks! By all means, plant some blueberries!

Thanks! It will never be as lush as yours I fear.

I call that treasure found.

I know... weird. They go tor the grape vines too.

Hey Aunty!
I now have about a blue million plants to plant too. Someone went shopping.

Yours is the funniest comment on this post. :)