Sunday, September 16, 2012

Another Bridge, Another Splash, Another U-Turn ... Dolphin Feeding Video

Last week, I was heading home on Raptor Red after work when I spotted a man standing at the foot of a bridge staring at something in the marsh. The tide was ebbing and the retreating currents had exposed a maze of mudflats and oyster bars.

What was he looking at?

Far out in the marsh, a bird dog boat was moored in a sliver of channel that still held water. I slowed the bike as I crested the bridge and gazed at the boat. Was it someone he knew? Was the boat stranded in the mud?
I pondered this as I passed him.
Then, just as I took my last glance back, I saw what he was watching.

It wasn't the boat.

It was a dolphin splash herding fish and feeding ... directly in front of him.

The man wasn't looking out OVER the marshy scene, he was looking at a dolphin raising great sprays of white foam as he herded fish against the mud bank shallows... about 20 feet away.

As with the Manatee mating scenario a week earlier, I had to go past the bridge and hang a U-turn. Motorcycles are great for such turns of course, and in no time I was parked under the "NO PARKING ON RIGHT OF WAY" sign at the foot of the bridge.

By the time I shed helmet, opened the back pack, and dug the camera out, the dolphin had moved from "OMG IT'S 20 FEET AWAY" to "WOW LOOK AT THAT" closeness, which is still pretty awesome.

I stitched together a few clips of the dolphin working the fish against the shoreline so I could share it with you.

Later this week, when preparing 6 different science classes a day gives me a second to breathe, I will post about the Coastal Cleanup at Cedar Key and a new snakebite to add to my life list ... a brand new species for me.


threecollie said...

Once again, how incredibly cool!

Anonymous said...

Very cool. Seeing the dolphins was always the high point for me when my family used to make the annual summer trek to Myrtle Beach. Nothing could compare to it.

crybrug said...

How many people can say "Guess what I saw driving home? Dolphins!" The wildlife is what makes living in FLorida so GREAT> Thank you for sharing your last two video.

Dina J said...

You really pay attention. Great catch!

Deb said...

So cool. One of the things I liked best about my morning walks at Edisto Beach, SC was seeing dolphins.

Dani said...


Island Rider said...

Was the snake video before or after it bit you?

Island Rider said...

Was the snake video before or after it bit you?

Floridacracker said...

I think we all agree, seeing wild dolphins never gets old. I'm holding out for that ten feet away from my kayak video.
Its bound to happen if I get out there enough.

The snake is on video but not the tagging of my finger. I'm sporting 5 tiny punctures on my right pointer. Neat snake though.

Aunty Belle said...

awesome footage--sorry about snakebite--but....why'd ya git that close????

Floridacracker said...

Catchn him Aunty.