Sunday, September 23, 2012

Coastal Clean Up Cedar Key, Florida 2012

Last Saturday, the 15th of September, was the local Coastal Cleanup day at Cedar Key.
Early in the morning, I met with a small team of my awesome Cedar Key students at the school.
After some garbage bag distribution and general guidelines, we plunged into the saltmarsh and mangroves that border a short but busy road that curves past the school and between two bayous.

As we cleaned, kids continued to show up and pretty soon we had a very efficient and
 very "willing to get muddy" team scouring the estuary for human trash.

Somewhere around 11:00 am, we completed our task.
Our garbage haul filled a full size pickup truck bed to overflowing .

Some of the things we collected were:
  • A full can of paint
  • Several tires
  • A work out machine
  • A hotwater heater
  • More beer bottles than you could imagine ... especially Bud Lite.
  • Beer cans
  • Motor oil bottles
  • Assorted plastic pieces
  • Styrofoam cups
  • Hubcaps
  • Soda bottles
  • Plastic water bottles
  • Pressure treated wood
  • Snack food wrappers and bags
All of the trash was taken to a central processing location at the boat launch.
The kids sorted the trash and collected data on the types and amounts of debris taken from the marsh.

They did a fantastic job and actually "won" by collecting the most trash of any other group.
I wish I could show them off here, but I always protect their privacy so you won't get to see their smiling faces, but trust me, they had a good time.

They were alot muddier than the other groups who walked sandy beaches or worked out of boats, but they seemed to wear their mud as a badge of honor.

At one point, when we were spread out and I was cleaning by myself, I slipped the GoPro on and recorded a little bit of what it was like.


crybrug said...

What a great thing you did. It is sad how much trash you collected, but what a great job!

Island Rider said...

So glad I watched all the way to the end. High drama! Will he wrestle the clam bag out? Will he get stuck between the mangroves? When will his bag break? Is he wearing boots? And most importantly, did he remember to pickup his hat? I laughed out loud when you realized you had forgotten it! Great job cleaning and entertaining us too!

lisa said...

Its amazing how many litter bugs that are in the world!

Pablo said...

I am NOT responsible for any of those Bud Light bottles!

sara said...

I just have to say I love your blog! I came across it by "accident" while trying to identify a little frog I found on my porch wall. I've read through a ton of posts now and I hope to eventually read them all! Thanks for all you do to educate and entertain!!

robin andrea said...

Great work! There was a similar collection on the Yuba River here on the same day. I think the haul was very much like the one you and your team picked up.

Floridacracker said...

This is one of my favorite group eco-activities!

I love that Tilley hat. :)

You'd think by now we have gotten past tossing things into the ocean.

I immediately thought of you when I saw how many there were.

Welcome and thank you so much. I hope you enjoy your visits here.

Super! This is happening all over so the tonnage has to be huge.

edifice rex said...

Good for ya'll! A workout machine?? lol! that's so bizarre. and sad in a way.