Thursday, June 13, 2013

Post-Mudrun Road Food Post

After the SuperHero Scramble Intimidator 8 mile obstacle race on May 25th, I was, as you might guess, just a little hungry.
State Road 33 brought me back through the small town of Groveland as I journeyed north from Revolution Offroad (the venue for the Intimidator run).
I had passed through Groveland on the way to the race that morning, but at that time I hardly noticed the town as my mind was on the upcoming race and getting there on time.
Now, exhausted and battered from the run, I could take my time and scan for a bite to eat.
Running 8 miles on a breakfast of mostly lean protein washed down with high carb sports drinks seemed like an awesome excuse to feed my fried chicken addiction so I turned on my GFCPS device and waited.
In no time the GFCPS registered a hit and I turned into the well worn parking lot of "Krispy's".

I didn't come here for the landscaping...

...or the architecture.

The prominent "Livers and Gizzards" sign was a good sign.
I'm a gizzard man myself, but that is beside the point. Offering fried innards is usually a sign of a real fried chicken place.
Convinced by the fact that a place this tired looking in a small town, must be popular with the locals,(It's not likely to pull in too many franchise oriented tourists)  I decided to give Krispy's a try.  

For about 8 bucks I got 4 pieces of perfectly fried, hot, moist chicken, fries, slaw, and an apple fritter.

I got mine to go, because I had a half-baked plan to take a back road through the Green Swamp on my way home. That plan fell apart when the dirt track I was on forked. Traveling sans map as I often do ...(no, I didn't have a smart phone with me) ... the forking road caused me to backtrack and head home on asphalt.

I tell you that part of the story for this reason. The Swamp misadventure caused a torturous delay in the eating of the Krispy's fried chicken. When I say torture, I mean this ... the JEEP's tiny cab had filled with the awesome siren smell of hot fried chicken the moment I tossed the white bag on the passenger seat beside me.

For fifteen minutes of Swamp driving and back tracking, the smell had been taunting me.

When I finally dove into it, the chicken was still hot, crispy, and juicy.

Crumbs flew and soon my lap was covered with crunchy bits, but who cared? 

Not me, bro.

I did come to my senses and resist the fries and the fritter thing ... much to the later delight of my Labs.

But that chicken ... oh my ... that chicken.

Not a molecule remained when I was done.

Even the lap crumbs were gleaned.

I'm already signed up for next May's SuperHero Intimidator 8 mile race and I WILL be stopping at Krispy's on the way home from that one too.


Rick said...

Drive through was a good choice, by the time you stopped there your body was probably getting a little stiff.

pablo said...

I hope you didn't violate your no soda in the Jeep rule.

Floridacracker said...

Not as stiff as it would be the next day! LOL!

As the JEEP has aged a little, I have broken that rule a little.
I did have an unrewarding soda that day from a convenience store. Later, I found some much appreciated ice tea (unsweetened of course).

Aunty Belle said...

Groveland? Tha's pretty close, FC. Wuz out that way recently mahself, to a now disappeared hamlet called St. Catherine. An I wuz so low tech, I used a map. Fer real.

I ain't much fer innards, but the chicken sounds divine.
An' Aunty done trained herself to drop cokes long ago, but....every now and then,when I go past a Mexican tiienda
I'll go lookin' fer the REAL Thing. Made wif' sugar cane, not HFCS. An' ya can bet yore bippy I drinks that REAL Coke in mah buggy....or Uncle's JEEP.

Ricky Hanson said...

RickyHanson says, OMG that looks so yummy, your photo is making me want to take a drive and get some fried chicken right now.

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