Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Not Very Super, Superhero Scramble ... Avoid this mudrun.

Back in 2012, I ran my very first mudrun, the Superhero Scramble in Waldo, Florida. It was a challenging, fun run and I was instantly hooked. Since then, I've run about 8+ obstacle/mudruns a year and repeated the Superhero Scramble in both the 5k and 8 mile versions, about 4 more times.

Up until this week, I was signed up (paid up!) for both the Superhero 8 mile Intimidator in January 2015 and the Waldo 5k Superhero Charger in November 2014.

This week I received 2 almost identical emails from the Superhero parent company announcing the postponement of each of these races with this message:

After whining about participation not being high enough to justify each of these two runs, the letter says..."We are arranging for compensation for our registered participants, and will send you information as soon as a determination has been made.
We are expanding our promotion activities as we move forward, to structure and strengthen our organization so that we can provide bigger events and other entertainment going forward. We look forward providing you with a replacement event for you to attend."

Now that sounds like they are not reimbursing our fees, but planning a switcheroo to another event. This disappointing email got me wondering ... hadn't I heard Texans fussing on Facebook a while back about Superhero cancelling on them and then being wishywashy about refunds?

So I Googled "Superhero Scramble cancellation" and found a slew of canceled/postponed runs across the country and irritated runners wondering online if they would be refunded their entry fee.

Also a Better Business Bureau (BBB) site with an interesting back and forth between customer and Superhero after a cancellation.

It pains me to say this because I've really enjoyed the Superhero runs I've done and they were my entry into obstacle runs ... but I would not buy any entry to a Superhero run at this time.
I have a feeling I won't be seeing my funds anytime soon for the two races that I am registered in.

Superhero needs to get it together and man up. There are too many well run and straight up mud runs out there like Savage, Spartan, Tough Mudder, FL-ROC and Rugged Maniac to waste time and money on a company that doesn't have their act together.


Mark P said...

I heard of a similar situation in Atlanta for a street run, but I don't know what organization was responsible.

Minnie said...

Similar story in Tidewater Virginia reported in Norfolk's The Virginian Pilot. Here are online links:

Julie Zickefoose said...

That is truly disappointing. I believe in calling bad business practices when you see them, and warning others. Word of mouth ultimately lifts or dooms a venture.

Pablo said...

This has never happened on any of the runs I've signed up for, but I can imagine the frustration you (and thousands of others) would feel. You're right that there is plenty of choice in this sport. And if one organization gives the appearance of "taking the money and running" then folks can choose to spend their money elsewhere.