Wednesday, July 29, 2015

My Journey To Sparta

That's right ... I'm going to run a Spartan Race, and not just any Spartan Race, but the mid-level run known as the Super Spartan.

If you read Pure Florida, you already know that I break up the naturey, buggy, fishy, snakey, kayaky, JEEPY, doggy, birdy observations and adventures every so often with some OCR ... Obstacle Course Racing (aka mudruns, but they are so much more.)

The good folks at Reebok Spartan Racing have FINALLY landed a Spartan Race in North Florida ... my backyard so to speak. In fact, it's practically in my hometown of St. Augustine. They are calling it the Jacksonville Super Spartan, but it's closer to Palm Coast at Princess Place Preserve. 

March 19, 2016 is "S-DAY". 
This means I have a little over 7 months to prepare.
I'll turn 58 in January 2016.
So, yeah ... I'm up for a challenge.
If you are also up for this challenge, click on the Spartan banner on the sidebar.

Between now and then, I will run 3 other OCR's ... Gator Mudrun, Mud Titan, and Savage. 
Savage is a great run, but none of these have the challenge reputation of the Spartan Race, so there's some gastric butterflies when I think about the Spartan Super.

If you watch the Spartan Races on NBC, you can get a feel for the obstacles that are involved. 

So I have my work cut out for me.

Some personal obstacles to conquer between now and March are:

  • I live in one of the most rural counties in FL. The traveling Spartan Workouts are not going to land in Levy county.
  • There's certainly no "Spartan style" gym in Levy, we don't even have a Publix grocery store.
  • I love obstacles, but running long distance not so much.
  • My job as a teacher consumes much of my "off time". 
When I look at that bulleted list above, they seem more like excuses than obstacles.

It's just more inspiration to "Just keep pushing play." as Tony Horton says on P90X.
And I will.
I will work on the running too ... dang it. 

On the plus side...

I do have the advantage of lots of land and that has the wheels spinning.
Raymie and I have been working on the trails here at PFHQ with the goal of putting in OCR type obstacles along it.
Now, with March 19, 2016 looming out there,  the choice of the obstacles is a no-brainer ... they will be Spartan obstacles.

So in the next 7 months, along with sharing the wonderful Florida natural world, there will be regular update posts on the training, the obstacle construction, and my general progress as this middle-aged guy prepares for his first Super Spartan.

I think it's time for me to get to know the "BURPEE".

(Wish I could post the message below in my classroom, it's true of education also.)


Pablo said...

You get all of my respect!

And as long as you're not running for time, you can manage this distance easily. You have plenty of training time, even with your schedule and responsibilities.

You're making me want to sign up for the St. Louis Marathon in the spring.

R.Powers said...

I stand in awe of the runner you have become.

Unknown said...

I read your blog everyday and now today you have written such a great
blog and photos I will never be able to enjoy frog legs ever again.
If I go to a restaurant and they are on the menu
all I will see is Old Golden Eyes. lol
Also would you know where in CK I could buy several bags of oyster shells not crushed just some for the yard?
Again Thanks