Saturday, July 22, 2017

IMPULSIVE Review of the "POWER BANK" portable solar powered device charger.

I did not intend to do a product review of my handy portable solar charger when I walked outside this morning. My mission was to splice a new end to a damaged battery cable in our little spare car, (a 2002 Hyundai) and install a new battery.

("Hyundai" ... does anybody else have to spell check this word every time they write it or is it just me?)

My phone was about half charged, so I grabbed the "Power Bank" solar device charger, plugged it into my Pixel and headed out.  

The Hyundai sat next to my burgeoning timber bamboo grove, the dappled shade light was friendly, and a fence rail provided a seat, so I impulsively decided to do a little video review of the pretty cool portable solar charger in my hand.

The video is a first take, as is about everything here on Pure Florida. 
I just sat down and started chatting and it never occurred to me that the brand would not be imprinted on the solar device. So here's a little gem of wisdom ... take the time to know the name of the product before you do a review.

(Seriously, who doesn't stamp their company logo, name, etc all over their product?)

Also, even if airplane noise is one of your pet video-making peeves, maybe just let it go and not editorialize during the video.

This Power Bank is a pretty nifty device though. I called it "waterproof" with qualifiers, but "water resistant" would be more accurate. 

You can find water proof devices like this easily online and the prices are very reasonable ... anywhere from $20 - $40 depending on features.

I am definitely a fan of all things SOLAR and this little device is super handy for those of us who take our phones and other devices far from home and need that backup juice.

... and yes, I did repair the car successfully.

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