Saturday, July 15, 2017

Time-Lapse... and then ... Resurrection ... fern that is.

For the record, I have had a GoPro since they first came out, back when you had to explain to people what a "GoPro" was.

To GoPro's credit, I still have that original GoPro Hero, and it works perfectly. It has been through about 35-40 obstacle course runs, gone diving many times, been shoved down gopher holes, sunk in a fish trap in the ocean, and strapped to me hundreds of times. 
(This high-quality construction may be why my GoPro stock has tanked... there's no great need to buy a second one, 'cause they last forever.)

Now, thanks to a birthday and some overly generous kids and wife, I have the new top of the line GoPro Hero 5. As you might expect, it does a zillion things my original Hero can't do, and so... there is a learning curve.

So yesterday, I decided to try my hand at time-lapse videography with the Hero 5. I had a chunk of Live Oak bark with a patch of desiccated "Resurrection Fern" attached to it that was just crying out to be in a time-lapse video.

I set the ferny bark piece on a wooden fence rail in front of PFHQ and set the GoPro up on a tripod. Then, with instruction book in hand, I set the camera to time lapse and pushed record.
Before I walked away, I poured a pitcher of water over the fern to begin the resurrection process. 

I knew I was gambling that the fern would go from dried husk to fluffy green ferniness before the GoPro battery ran out, but hey, this was a training session.
I also didn't count on an afternoon thunderstorm... which is kind of dumb, considering it is Summer in Florida.

So, while I did not get the entire dried husk to fluffy green awesomeness process on video, I did get enough to make it worth sharing.

And I learned things!  See, this here is a risk-taking,
mistake- making classroom. So yeah, I'm ready for the next round.

In the meantime, here's what I did get.
Enjoy fernerds!


threecollie said...

Now that is cool! I keep looking at GoPros but I'm not sure I would use one enough to justify. I love your videos though. Are those frogs or birds in the background?

kevin said...

Nice work. I bet you figure it out.

Marilyn Kircus said...

Love Resurrection ferns and this was a great idea. Can you plug it in or get a bigger battery? I would like to do that kind of photograph.

Chris Fooshee said...

I love time lapse photography. Looks like fun!

R.Powers said...

Treefrogs happy for the rain!
GoPro cameras come from basic to the Hero 5 (NOT basic). Check out the Hero model, not too expensive, but still fun!

You are correct.

I now have a GoPro supercharger that also doubles as a plug in power supply for longer shoots.

I am quite the nube at it presently.

Thanks for all the comments my friends.

Choo Say said...
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robin andrea said...

Love that video, both the introduction and the time-lapse. Well done. It seriously makes me want to get a Go-Pro. Great job!