Wednesday, August 02, 2017

One Wonderful Day On The Waccasassa River ... circa 1996.

Seriously, this is one of those posts where I should just shut up and let 5 year old Raymie do the talking, and I will... right after I set the scene.

Junior and I had slipped away for a fishing trip on the nearby Waccasassa River. We had not caught anything worth keeping near the mouth of the river, but I had managed to snap the tip of his Mother's fishing rod. That is referenced in one of the videos. In these 3 video scenes, we are working our way back up river to the boat ramp.

It is one of those days that is burned into my memories. Five year old Raymie was a laugh a minute then and that has not changed much almost 21 years later.

A few years ago, I sent all our old VHS tapes off to YES VIDEO for digitization. I'm so glad I did since VHS tapes degrade over time and I would've hated to lose this record of the day. 
I spent a little time on this rainy, last day of teacher summer unemployment grabbing some snippets to share with you... or was it really for me?


Where Are We?

Lie Like A Fisherman.

Little Bunny Fall Down


Heather M. said...

What a lil cutie he was!

robin andrea said...

Wonderful videos and a sweet look back in time.

shawn pollard said...

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