Sunday, October 12, 2014


Fall is yellow here at PFHQ.
The swamp sunflowers grow slowly taller all summer long signaling, as they grow, the return to school and the fall. These are short ones in the photo.
 I've had them grow 12 feet tall in the garden soil.

Coreopsis blooms mostly down by the pond, but this lone wolf was living in the sandy, dry highlands in the back.

Some of the yellows signal the end of a long hot summer of rampant growth, like this wild muscadine leaf.
"I'm done here, hope you enjoyed the grapes..."

The Golden Orb Weavers, the big girls, are mostly gone or barely hanging on. Their personal yellows have faded, but the web still glows golden in the fall light.

The real yellow stars here at PFHQ are the Golden Asters, a native wildflower that grows thicker and with more blossoms than any plant nursery product I've planted here.
... and they do it in white, semi-sterile, almost beach sand.

Huge sprays and rampant clusters of these asters line the trail that Coquina, Bear, and I use multiple times a day.
We'll miss them when they are all done.
They are tall and therefore great to pee on if you are a dog, and as for me, I just enjoy the sight of them.
The Cow Lily, or Spatterdock that lives in the cattle trough garden pond has poked a bizarre yellow flower up into the air where the pollinators work.
No honey bees of course, but the natives are still here.
We natives hang on.
Only yellow for a short time, and already fading, this baby gopher tortoise was being nose snuffled like a scaly hockey puck by Bear and Coquina before I rescued it.
No harm done.
This yellow is more a sign of pleasant work done last spring than a sign of fall, but it is yellowish, it is fall, ... so it counts.
I held it just long enough to take a few photos and then ushered the tiny tortoise over to the welcoming dark safety of an active gopher burrow.

                   A little tap and this bit of yellow went dark.

That seems fitting, because as yellow Fall fades here in North Florida,  Blue-Purple Fall will take over.
I see signs of it along the roadsides and here at PFHQ.
Another story soon enough ...

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Not Very Super, Superhero Scramble ... Avoid this mudrun.

Back in 2012, I ran my very first mudrun, the Superhero Scramble in Waldo, Florida. It was a challenging, fun run and I was instantly hooked. Since then, I've run about 8+ obstacle/mudruns a year and repeated the Superhero Scramble in both the 5k and 8 mile versions, about 4 more times.

Up until this week, I was signed up (paid up!) for both the Superhero 8 mile Intimidator in January 2015 and the Waldo 5k Superhero Charger in November 2014.

This week I received 2 almost identical emails from the Superhero parent company announcing the postponement of each of these races with this message:

After whining about participation not being high enough to justify each of these two runs, the letter says..."We are arranging for compensation for our registered participants, and will send you information as soon as a determination has been made.
We are expanding our promotion activities as we move forward, to structure and strengthen our organization so that we can provide bigger events and other entertainment going forward. We look forward providing you with a replacement event for you to attend."

Now that sounds like they are not reimbursing our fees, but planning a switcheroo to another event. This disappointing email got me wondering ... hadn't I heard Texans fussing on Facebook a while back about Superhero cancelling on them and then being wishywashy about refunds?

So I Googled "Superhero Scramble cancellation" and found a slew of canceled/postponed runs across the country and irritated runners wondering online if they would be refunded their entry fee.

Also a Better Business Bureau (BBB) site with an interesting back and forth between customer and Superhero after a cancellation.

It pains me to say this because I've really enjoyed the Superhero runs I've done and they were my entry into obstacle runs ... but I would not buy any entry to a Superhero run at this time.
I have a feeling I won't be seeing my funds anytime soon for the two races that I am registered in.

Superhero needs to get it together and man up. There are too many well run and straight up mud runs out there like Savage, Spartan, Tough Mudder, FL-ROC and Rugged Maniac to waste time and money on a company that doesn't have their act together.