Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Check Out VisitNatureCoast.Com

If you want to see Florida's last frontier for yourself, but you're wondering where is it and how do I get there, I have a handy website for you. Go to http://www.visitnaturecoast.com/.
Visitnaturecoast.com does a nice job of explaining the many opportunities for exploring nature here on the big bend of Florida. In the future I will be profiling some of these same opportunities from a personal "boots on the ground" perspective.
While I'm plugging other people's sites, you might take a look at http://natureinfo.blogspot.com/. The webmaster, Darlene, has a nice general nature site with lots of interesting stuff.
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Anonymous said...

You might also want to try
www.OriginalFlorida.org for all of North Central Florida's wild places.