Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I think this is a young warmouth perch. At first I thought it might be a dollar sunfish, but his body is longer than the dollar sunfish pics I've seen. Florida has some beautiful native fishes. The Nature Coast (my coast) is especially blessed with rivers and springs that provide habitat for some really neat fish. The fish in this picture is only about 2 inches long. I dipped him out of the Waccasassa River, which is one of Florida's most beautiful wild rivers. Native fish are great in the aquarium, they are mostly tough as nails and very forgiving of the fishkeepers mistakes. In Florida, if you collect your own aquarium fish, you need a fishing license if you are 16 or older. You can check out the specific rules at the FWC link on this page. This afternoon I went dipping on some roadside culverts on the way out to Cedar Key. I was into the hunt and almost stepped on a young 4-5 foot gator. He gave me a start when he hit the water, but I did catch some apple snails and a few fish for the fish pond.  Posted by Hello

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Your right. That is a warmouth.