Sunday, June 05, 2005

Cosmos in the garden. I like to alternate the vegetable plants with flowers that will attract beneficial insects to the garden. I'm not a "true" organic gardener, but I definitely don't spray any pesticides or fungicides in the garden. These flashy cosmos blossoms pull in bees from far away. They can pollinate my veggies while they're buzzin' about. The gourd leaves in the background are what the deer were after.  Posted by Hello

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Darlene said...

I'm not a true organic gardener either, but I don't spray on anything or use pesticides either, and I think that's the most important, although I sure wish there was some way to get rid of my rampant lilies-of-the-valley. So intrusive, but from what I've heard, even though they spread everywhere, the roots don't bother the surrounding plants. After they bloom, I pull and pull and yank, but only the leaves come out.

I read somewhere that Irish Spring soap is a good deterrent for deer, so if you place a bar where you don't want them to go, they won't. But I've never tried it, because we don't get any at my house in the inner city.