Sunday, June 05, 2005

Natural insect control. This is a male Carolina Anole, or as most of us say, " a chameleon". It's not a true chameleon, but it does have the ability to change its skin color to green, brown, or a mix of the two. A moment before the photo, this one was flashing its red throat pouch in a territorial display. If you provide a little cover for these guys to hide from predators, they will reward you by eating insect pests. They also put on some entertaining throat patch flashing competitions when two males meet. Posted by Hello

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Darlene said...

When my husband and I were first married, he agreed that our marriage would include his adopting my two chameleons. I used to pet them on the throat, and they loved it. Also fed them mealy worms, and that proved to be the end of our third-party marriage. The mealy worms kept turning into mealy bugs, and they had a way of getting loose and going around the apartment.

My husband and I were pretty naive at the time, so he thought, and I agreed, that the chameleons would have a better life if we let them loose at our local small zoo, in their lushest plant area. Of course we never saw them again. I hope they survived. We were sure at the time that they'd have plenty of food, but to this day I wonder.