Sunday, June 05, 2005

Here are three great hummingbird plants. The single blossom at the top is "Trumpet Creeper", the lower left photo is "Coral Honeysuckle", and the photo on the right is"Coral Bean". These are all native to Florida and require absolutely no care once they are established. You can buy them at native plant nurseries, or you can take a walk on a country road and gather a few seeds this summer. Trumpet creeper and coral honeysuckle are very easy to root from cuttings. Stay away from "Japanese Honeysuckle" , it's an invasive exotic species that crowds out our native Florida plants. All 3 of these will appear to die back during the winter, but they will resume growing in the spring. As far as hummingbirds are concerned...if you plant these,they will come. Posted by Hello

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