Sunday, June 26, 2005

I spent this evening mounting an old pair of lawnmower wheels on this chicken tractor and working around the garden. This is a pre-wheel picture of the chick tractor. First test drive of the wheeled chick tractor wasn't too satisfying. The goal is to set the wheels high enough to actually allow the tractor to roll, but low enough to keep the bottom near ground level. I missed this wheels are too low. I did successfully install a new perch and a shelf for their water bowl. My garden is a jungle of overgrown cosmos that are over 6 feet tall. I can't even find the peppers and tomato plants that I know are there somewhere. The blueberries are a success story though. They just keep coming. I hope they are as good for you as all the health articles say, 'cause I must have eaten a wheelbarrow full so far this summer. Posted by Hello

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