Monday, June 27, 2005

My blueberry guardian. I used to cover my blueberry bushes with that black birdnetting to keep the cardinals out, but what a hassle. The bushes are too tall to just drape it and when you take it off after the's like wrestling a squid. So I have recycled my son's old toy rubber snake collection into berry sentinels. They seem to work. I do move them every other day or so to "keep it real". Another drawback to the bird netting is it is a death trap for real snakes. Black racers especially. Once they crawl into it, their scales get caught, and the more they struggle, the worse it gets. I rescued a few in painstaking scissor sessions, but too many died when I wasn't around. Posted by Hello


Rurality said...

Great idea! I'll bet this would fool human poachers too LOL.

Floridacracker said...

Hey you might be right. They still make me jump if someone else moves them without telling me. Personally, rubber spiders would be alot scarier than snakes.
Thanks for visiting!

Hick said...

YIPES! That thing looks real. I was just beginning to think Florida might be a great place to visit (especially after seeing those camp pictures) when I scrolled down and saw this. I'm glad to hear it is a toy.

Thanks for the nice compliment...and no, I wasn't wagon training,(I am just a romantic dreamer/faker). I was just driving up to Tahoe when the CHP stopped all the traffic (in both directions) for the VERY SLOW MOVING wagon train. They did not look like happy people for the most part.