Thursday, June 09, 2005

This is a "Bird Dog" boat. These are traditional fishing boats in the shallow waters of the Big Bend region of Florida. You can spot boats like this from Tarpon Springs up through Panama City. You can see the steering wheel way up in the bow. What you can't really see from this picture is that the outboard motor is up front also. It is literally directly behind the helm. The motor extends through a hole in the hull of the boat. Originally these boats were net boats and having the motor up front allowed nets to be deployed and recovered from the stern.These boats have a very shallow draft since as the bow begins to rise on plane, the prop is also lifted. A lot of these boats have been given new lives as clam farm boats. This area of Florida is the leading clam aquaculture center in the United States. This photo was taken 2 days ago...probably the last sunny day for a little while. Tropical Storm Arlene is going to be cruising by in the Gulf this weekend. Posted by Hello

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