Saturday, July 02, 2005

Riding Through Devil's Hammock

I took a break from a remodeling project and drove through one of my favorite local wild areas, Devil's Hammock Wildlife Management Area. It's been a wet summer so far and the rustic dirt roads through the park were puddled and muddy. Perfect!
Devil's Hammock is about 6000 acres of former pine plantation with a lot of mixed wet hammock. ( In Florida, a "hammock" is a forest of mostly mixed hardwoods. Hammocks may be wet, moist, or dry{hydric, mesic, or xeric for you purists} and the tree species will vary with the wetness of the ground.)
Running through Devil's Hammock is the upper Waccasassa River. At this point, the Waccasassa is about as wide as your living room and as twisty as a grape vine tendril.
I pretty much had the park to myself with the wet roads, heat, and humidity, so I crept along slowly in the Jeep stopping at will to take photographs. I'll post a few of these next.

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