Tuesday, December 13, 2005




My first baby (Katie) turns 18 this week, a fact I have been wrestling with as it approached. I'm not sure how this happened so quickly.

It seems like yesterday, Dr. Biggerstaff, (don't laugh, that was the OB doctor's name) passed me the scissors and asked,
" Would you like to cut the cord?"

"Would I?, You're damn right I'll cut it...my wife's been hogging this baby for the past nine months, it's time to share!"


So began this marvelous journey, one that I could neither imagine nor really appreciate until she arrived. We had a lot to learn....well, I did any way. My wife seemed to know what to do no matter what the situation. Katie was a good sport as we fumbled at being new parents. None of our mistakes seem to have caused any permanent harm and she has turned out to be a pretty amazing young woman. It's that young woman part that has me shaking my head and saying, "How could we get here this fast?"

It just amazes me.

But, here we are. So it's time to celebrate this baby's 18th trip around the sun. She has requested "shrimp, as long as there's tons of them" and a chocolate cake. (Definitely Daddy's girl)

So Tuesday evening, in a small house tucked in the woods of North Florida, we will cook together, eat together, and celebrate the birthday girl with earthly goodies and love.

I will be soaking up every second of it, wishing for time to slow just a little.

Happy Birthday Katie Bug.

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Lightnin said...

FC, we still have pictures of Katie and Dude walking hand in hand at Cedar Key. They had so much fun together. Now they are all grown up! But Thunder and I are still big Buffet fans and he had it right..."We're growing older but not up" Hope you and your family have a great time celebrating Katie's Birthday.

Katy Bug said...

Daddy, yes I should be listening to Marcia right now but your website caught my eye, and from that eye...TEARS! I love you, you big jerk! Make me cry like that at school on my 18th birthday! I LOVE YOU! Shrimp and chocolate cake, h-yes I'm Daddy's girl. You are amazing and I am thankful everyday that you are MY dad! I can't believe time has flown by this fast. Don't worry I'm not going anywhere. I'll always be your baby girl, even when the day comes when i change your diapers. Hehehe! But that'll never happen because we're never going to die, and live happily ever after. Just like in the Little Mermaid! I LOVE YOU! YOU ARE THE BEST!

Floridacracker said...

Thanks for the wishes. I will pass them on!

My turn.