Sunday, December 04, 2005

TriColor? Louisianna? I'm So Confused...


When you are lucky enough to be on a Florida marsh on a clear sunny day in the fall with no bugs, great light, and a mirror surface to the water, you are living.

This heron was catching minnows as I drifted by and it was such a good fishing spot, he decided to stay and pose for a shot. At some point in my life, the name changed on this guy. I tend to call 'em by the name I first learned so when the international bird nerd committee makes a name green heron to green-backed heron, I tend to be slow to change.

This paddle through a fall freshwater marsh was full of otters, gators sunning, and some beautiful birds. They didn't seem to mind me...probably it was too cold to move for anything less than overt threats.

Unlike Swamp4me, I did not get a great otter shot, but I do have a few other shots from this perfect day to share.

There are days in our lives that are so fine, you wonder if you could ever repeat them.

This was one of those...
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Rexroth's Daughter said...

You describe the perfect day, FC. Glad you had some time to leisusrely paddle through the marsh and catch all the beautiful sights. This heron is quite lovely.

swamp4me said...

Who could ask for more?

swamp4me said...

Oh, and you know the bird nerds changed green-backed back to just green heron...

Treebeard's the birder in the family. I have to cram like crazy before leading a bird hike -- he just goes out, hears a note and names the bird. [Do you detect a little ranger on ranger envy on my part? ;)]

roger said...

i want to do that! looks like fun. nice pictures.

vicki said...

oh, man! Looks like Heaven to me. We went to the lake today and here in Michigan the SandHill Cranes and our swan pair have finally left us (they actually stayed late into Nov. this year) for more Southerly places- no more waterfowl until Spring. Or until I come down to our Florida house in January. :-)
Do you have otter pictures? If so, post please.

Floridacracker said...

RD, I have some other shots from this day. Another post, another day.

oops...I just fixed the link to your site. I had typed in your blogger name instead of your blog name for the url. Sorry.

You and I own this place, it's a state park called Guana River.

Those sandhills should be here now. I thought I heard some yesterday as they flew over.
My otter pics are a little brown head in the distance I'm afraid.

pablo said...

Attempt at posting on a blogspot blog. If you can read this, I succeeded.

Floridacracker said...

Read what?

pablo said...

I have not been able to get to any blogspot blogs for the past few days. Now I seem to be able to. So if you can read my comment above, that means I successfully posted a comment. It was mostly a test.

Walter Jeffries said...

Wow! Nice photo. I like...