Tuesday, January 03, 2006


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Part of the fun of this blogging stuff is sharing the regional differences and treats that still exist in this increasingly homogenized world. I got such a kick from the huge response to the "peanuts in your coke" post a while back. It was literally a transcontinental discussion of a simple snack tradition.

I love it that we still have some regional differences and unique foods. To that end, let me introduce you to Bulls Chips potato chips.

They come in a variety of flavors, but they are all kettle fried and wonderfully crunchy. I photographed the Minorcan Datil flavored chips since I am always making a big deal out of my Minorcan ancestors and that wonderful Datil pepper. These chips are made on the Bulls-hit Ranch...Yes, that is the name of the ranch. No, I did not swear on my family friendly site. Notice the hyphen. As you enter the town of Hastings, Florida on the west side, a huge blue Department of Transportation sign says, BULLS-HIT RANCH with an arrow pointing at the ranch entrance. I love it. I also love the fact that a family farm is cleverly staying alive by direct marketing a good product. As a teenager I worked on a Hastings farm so I feel an attachment to these farmers.

Disclaimer: The people at Bulls Chips don't know me from Adam's cat, I am promoting them simply because they are a good regional product.

I like these Bulls Chips, but I should warn you the Minorcan flavored ones are really hot. Not a strong datil flavor, but the heat is there. You will need a cold beverage nearby. Personally, I prefer their regular flavor.

Give 'em a try. It's a little bit of Florida in a bag.


Thunder Dave said...

Happy New Year! We'll have to give those chips a try next time we're down there!

Zanne said...

I wonder if they're available online. I would have to add them to my list of internet-only available foodstuffs. I'm already addicted to Utz's Crab Chips from Maryland. They're potato chips sprinkled with the seasoning they boil their crab in.

Hmmmm.....now I'm going to have to search out some datil peppers to see what is all the fuss is about and then compare the taste of the datil with the datil chips. This Pure Florida stuff is such an adventure.

Floridacracker said...

Bring some HB to wash 'em down.

Click on that link in the post and they will be glad to take your money.
Finding fresh datils will be more of a challenge. I'll have some this summer. I guess they would be fine during an overnight type mailing. One way to find out I guess.
In the mean time, you might check out SlowFoodUSA.org for some quick datil history and Datldoit.com for some commercial versions of the sauces we Minorcans make at home.

roger said...

i don't think my grocer carries those.

my favorite radio station, kpig (available online at shoutcast) plays faux commercials (real ones too, ugh) one of which is for "dicken's cider." the spot claims women love the product, musically, in a jingle, repeating the product name ad nauseum.

Floridacracker said...

I'm going to waltz right by that one.

kevin said...

Best consumed with plenty of cold beer.
The "Dicken's Cider" commercial is a classic. I'm pretty sure it's a bit from "The Bob and Tom Show".

Rexroth's Daughter said...

My big weakness: CHIPS! I'm not a fan of the new thicker chip, but the old fashioned crispy thin potato chip. Yum yum yum. The pirate and I nearly finished a whole bag of Barbara's Potato Chips (made with "Select Unnpeeled Potatoes and Expeller Pressed Oil) on the ride home from the store today, and it's only six miles!

Floridacracker said...


I know,never open the groceries on the way home right? I opened a bag of chocolate covered espresso beans on the ride home the other day...a few made it home.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Wait a minute, potato chip fans: Give heed to Salem, Oregon's own Kettle Chips. Better than Bulls-hit, or Cowchip by a lot.

Rurality said...

I love the kettle chips! But... seafood flavor?! Hmm.

Floridacracker said...

You have thrown down the gauntlet...or chip bag as it may be. Don't tell anyone but I really like those yankee Cape Cod chips. Shhhhh....

Same here...not sure I'm ready for seafood chips.

vicki said...

Hoss, FC- listen up! The Wise company distributes chips only in Mass. and, much to my delight, Florida. They make Cheese Waffies. Cheese Waffies are, hands down, the best chip type snack food on earth. It's as though you took some of that Kraft Mac n Cheese orange powder, added a little water to make a stiff paste and stuck it between two stale dried up mini waffles. Hoss- I'll mail you a bag. FC- you can get your own, lucky guy! Forget potato chips- come over to the dark side of Cheese Waffies.

The MacBean Gene said...

Obviously a salute to the USF Bulls. Isn't Hastings known for growing potatoes? When I was growing up in St. Pete the peanuts in the coke (make that RC) were the thing. When I lived in Baltimore I used to mail bags of the Utz Crab Chips to my kids in Fla.

Anonymous said...

I picked up a bag of these Minorcan Datil pepper chips last night at the San Sebastian winery in St Augustine. They were great! Plenty of kick, good and crisp and not greasy.

Need Help said...

OK, Just a quick update. They no longer have the Website up but, they are still selling these fantastic chips over the phone and will ship them to you. They are $37.00 for a case of 12 bags. ( not cheap but well worth it )Tell them what flavor you want and have a CC ready. The number is (904)-692-2715. They are a little backwoods farm but good people so be preppared when you call.

Shannon Zipperer said...

My boyfriend and I LOVE these chips!

Anonymous said...

Anyone know if they still sell them? Used to bring home bags with me back in 1998.

Anonymous said...

Now this brings back memories. I worked for the farm part when
I was 12 & 13 many years ago. Moved from Hastings. My God what a blast from the past. If memory serves I think the Lee family owned it back then. By the way, they had the coolest hats back then.

Anonymous said...

We had relatives in Palatka and loved these chips. We were traveling from Broward Co. to Duval Co. on Tuesday, June 12, 2012 and I called the Bulls-hit Farm for hours. The young lady who answered the phone said both the ecomony down turn and the owner's (Mr. Lee?) health issues forced them to stop making the chips several years ago. Those lucky enough to have tasted these chips can only hope both the health issues and the economy take a turn for the better.