Friday, January 20, 2006

Trust and A Lesson Learned

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These three people trust me completely. If I say, "We're going rafting down the Nolichucky River's class 4 rapids." or "Don't worry about that gator" or " There's a small shark swimming by on the port side of the boat, y'all swim on the starboard side", they know it's okay.

I let them down this week. I thought I was protecting them as usual, but instead I caused them some anguish. I kept them in the dark about my little visit to the dermatologist last week instead of honestly sharing information. They knew I was going and wanted to know why. "Don't worry, just a little sun damage, just remember this when I say use your sunblock."

On Monday, I got a phone call at work. The "C" word. Basal Cell Carcinoma. Come in Friday for surgery on your back. A little distracting, but this is a common and highly curable problem. Still, it is the "C" word and I didn't want to scare anybody so I just didn't explain or even mention where I was going on Friday morning. I am the stupid silent type sometimes.

Of course the knuckleheads found out.

So, last night, pre-surgery there was some teary concern.

Lesson learned.

From now on, I will protect them from beasts and bad guys, but not from the truth.


Rurality said...

Ah, now I see what you meant before... So it's all over already? You didn't tell US either?! Harrrumph!

I guess this is fairly common in FL? I know it is in AL. Glad you're ok though! Do they make sunblock level 1500? :)

thingfish23 said...

You were smarter than my brother-in-law, who ignored his until it was almost too late.

Take care of your bad self, and don't be "stupid" anymore when it comes to the family, ya big goob!

aujyqszs - "aw-gee-quizzes-es" - what the kids in your class say when you tell them "Okay, now close your books and get out a piece of paper..."

The MacBean Gene said...

That Florida sun is great but as we get older it will do a number on ya. I havn't been in it for years but every now and then some mysterious spot will turn up and need a little coracedan (sp?) attention.

Floridacracker said...

Yes, that was the same day as the phone call...serendipity. Santa put some SPF 50 in my stocking, I think the 1500 stuff is also known as paint.

I'd have been even smarter if I had started last year. Perfect definition for that blogger word.

I'll be looking at freckles, etc with a careful eye from now on.

Hick said...

My family suffers from the same other words, it runs in my family, so I have always been very careful in the sun. I don't like the sun much anyway, preferring the shade.

You are on my permanent prayer list.

Wayne said...

Very good, FC - I'm glad your wife made you catch it in time! My parents, who have lived in Florida and have sailed for 40 years or more are constantly monitoring themselves for precancerous lesions.

vxlhnu - baby girl foxls.

Floridacracker said...

Shade is good. Thank you for including me on your list :)

Thanks. In what part of FL do your parents live?

tdeupik = harvest to do list

swamp4me said...

Glad you got it taken care of.
You're lucky your family didn't beat your butt - I know I would have laid into good you for keeping such a secret from the people who love you most. But wait, you already feel guilty...I can stop chastening you now :)

Rexroth's Daughter said...

There are times to be stoic and keep secrets, and then there are times to gather your loved ones and share the pain. Sometimes you just have to let the people who love you know what's going on, even though your best instincts tell you to spare them.

Hope everything works out, goes well, and you are well on the road to recovery. I'm not a prayin' woman, FC, but for you I can summon it.

roger said...

the white man's curse. we are not raisins in the sun. my bad skin patches have not yet risen to the level of cancer, but i've had two excisions in the same place on my neck and one on my hand and lots of freezes on arms and face. yours sounds more serious. i probably would have done the same as you, about telling the family, and would have been wrong too.

what my lovely RD said goes for me too.

excpuiv--i got nothing.

Floridacracker said...

I hear ya. The good news is, I am trainable and have learned my lesson. :)

I can't improve on what you said, but I can thank you for the kind thoughts.

Keep an eye on them. More melanin is definitely a good thing.

Deb said...

Coming from a stoic Scandinavian family on my mom's side, I can understand your reluctance to let your kids know of anything that might be wrong. I'm trying to overcome that and be more honest with my kids.

Here's hoping all turns out well. I am fair-skinned and rather moley myself, so it's a constant vigil, though with our short summers nothing will keep me out of the sun when it's available!

Floridacracker said...

I am learning that parenting is a learning process...even after some experience. Thanks for the good wishes.

vicki said...

well. I missed the outcome of your visit to the doctor and I'm sorry you ended up having to go through this. I can empathize (this post, from May 05: Both lessons learned are important. Now that I'm parttime in Florida I'm particularly careful. The other bit: You would feel terrible if they didn't share this sort of news with you and let you be of help and support. That's why we say all those for better and worse, sickness and health parts, silly.
Take care, don't pull anything apart with too much activity and be well!

Floridacracker said...

Vicki, are right of course.

Laura said...

Ive got to read this post to my hub. he seems to think he's immune to skin cancer.
Good luck with this!! and you're so right, better to protect them WITH the truth!

benning said...

A lesson learned, then, fc! But understandable. : )

SPF 1500 is also called caulk. Nice and flexible. ; )

Nolichucky River: The same as the one John Sevier was called by? 'Nolichucky Jack' was one of the heroes of the American Revolution in the South. His haunts were, I believe in the areas that are now Tennessee. It's just that you don't see Nolichucky very often! LOL