Saturday, February 04, 2006



Here's a small section after a single match was tossed in the center. The fire grows outward in all directions like a fungi growing through the soil. When it hits the gridline, it stops because the fire triangle of heat, oxygen, and fuel is missing a piece. Posted by Picasa


swamp4me said...

Gotta love the fire triangle! I won't be able to work any burns this season - what a bummer. But there are only about 13 weeks of BLET left...

I almost broke rib during training last week. I was the playing the role of the violator in a multiple officer take-down. When I hit the mat after being tackled from behind by the low officer, I came down on the forearm of the officer in the high position. You should have heard the pop when my ribs separated -- it was impressive ;)

Floridacracker said...

It is elegant in it's simplicity.

Hey, Takedown training is supposed to be realistic, but you really went the extra mile...

I had spent some time in Karate class so the take down and control training seemed familiar. What impressed me was the kubotan (or a ballpoint pen) applied to select pressure points.

I remember a petite trainer who put me down and at her mercy with a ballpoint pen applied to my wrist. Ouch!

Be careful!

doubleknot said...

So glad that you are taking care of your land. Burns are part of Florida's natural cycle like you said but too often even the profesionals let the control burns get out of hand. You have a well thought out plan. Thanks for your care of Florida.

Floridacracker said...

Thanks, so far so good.