Thursday, March 23, 2006

No. It's Not A Grapefruit

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Not to get all Texasy on ya, but somethings are just bigger in Florida. This is a lemon that a friend of mine grew in her yard. This one is not a freak, that's typical of what this tree produces.

I'll take a tiny key lime over this giant any day tho.

Family duties call me away today so I'll be incommunicado for a bit.


pablo said...

Nice cabinets!

doubleknot said...

I remember those giant lemons though haven't seen any for years.
Have a nice day.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Is the peel really thick?

Lightnin said...

"When life gives you lemons....."

Leslie said...

Look at that tiny hand holding that smallish grapefruit.

Laura said...

i can't help laughing at leslie's comment! :)
and yes, sir.. i'll take a key lime over a lemon any day!
Way back in the 70's, my parents used to allow the drain water from the washing machine to run out to their back yard. They always had the biggest grapefruit on the block, thanks in part, to that machine. All of the plants that grew along the "washing machine route" were green, fat and healthy plants.

'course, when my mom used bleach, she had to redirect the hose to the sewer line instead.

Hick said...

I came by this morning and blogger wasn't taking my comments.


Do lemons that large have any flavor? They look great, but...

no offense to your friend.

roger said...


Floridacracker said...

Good eye...hickory.

They're biiiiggggg.

The peel is pretty normal.

Lightnin, make lots of...

Who you callin' tiny!

The grass is always greener over the drainfield and the wash drain.

Good point, this lemon was really mild...too mild.

It does have a certain wow factor.

Tim Rice said...

Back in January, I spent a week in Honduras and I saw lemons bigger than grapefruits there, too. I couldn't hardly believe my eyes. But when I smelled it, it was definitely lemon.

Hurricane Teen said...

Oh yes, one of our friends grow those...They're called Ponderosa Lemons...I don't grow them though, because they really don't taste that good.