Friday, April 07, 2006

Broken Spring


I tried to protect my banana trees against frost, but they still took a hit. Then one of the frondy leaves draped over the pig pen and they tugged on it, putting some serious kinks (Lola!) in the trunk.

I cut off the dead upper trunk in hopes that the base was still alive and this is the result. The new stalk rising out of the machete slice is about 12 inches tall in this picture. I took this picture 3 days after the slice. Pretty impressive mitosis. The very next day after the slice, there was a 4 inch shoot poking out.


The picture above is about 2 weeks old now. We (and the deer) have eaten lettuce, snow peas, and mesclun from this patch. The mesclun was something new for us and, well...blechhhh! What is that horrible pungent flavor in the mix? It grew great, but I'm feeding it to the chickens...even the deer won't touch it.


The lettuce above was wonderful. Don't take my word for it...ask the deer for a second opinion.

Yesterday, while watering my tomatoes and peppers I noticed opening blossoms on both. The tomatoes are about 2 feet high now and need staking. The squash have 3 or 4 true leaves and are getting motivated to bloom.

It hasn't rained in months. Really.

Today begins spring break for the larval humans and me too.

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Thunder Dave said...

You definitely deserve a break!

My hops are just strating to pop out of the ground. That's a good sign that the ground is finally warming up! Hurrah!!!
I might just try to capture some more shots of them this year to try to show just how fast they grow!

I also wanted to tell you nice story on Marineland, and the dolphins!

rick said...

one of my friends said moth balls will keep deer away from your garden,he said they won't come near the stuff.

Deb said...

I'm getting serious garden envy here! I think I'll start tomato and pepper seedlings this weekend. And maybe, just maybe, one of my raised beds will be dry enough to work up and plant cold-hardy stuff like spinach and lettuce.

I'm guessing that's arugula or some mustard green in your mesclun mix.

roger said...

nice garden dude!! some folks here put raw egg on little bits of rag strung around the garden to repel the deer. i depend on a real fence. we have found that not all mesclun mixes are the same. some have mostly bitter stuff---ugh. we had that last year. i read the labels carefully and we'll see in another week or so if i got the right stuff this year. a tiny bit of sharp taste is good. but just a tiny bit.

tho we planted stuff, in the greenhouse, about the same time as you, your plants are way bigger now.

Rexroth's Daughter said...

Your garden is beautiful, FC. So lush and productive already. Sorry to hear about your mesclun mix-- it's true not all mesclun mixes are the same. For some reason it's gotten trendy to have an overly spice mix. Blechhhh!

Debbie said...

My tomato plants are about 3 feet tall and are covered in blossoms. I'm looking forward to fresh tomatoes soon.

Floridacracker said...

Hops already! Beer soon!

Your uncle Art uses that to keep the squirrels out of his pots.

It's a hard to describe the flavor, but we were unanimous in hating it.

My tomatoes have really jumped up. Must be time for hornworms...

Thanks for the "beautiful" comment. I didn't photograph the messy pile of posts and wire, the old pots, or the fallen down rabbit pen. That's composition.

Welcome! You must be in FL if your 'maters are that big already!
Glad you commented.

Leslie said...

Your garden is so beautiful!

Tell me, where are your weeds and your bedraggled specimens?

You are Martha Stewart with a surly beard, aren't you?

Floridacracker said...

You're cracking me up. It's all in where you aim the camera. :)

Actually, I am now more like Martha Stewart with a moustache now. I'm slowly removing the winter coat.

doubleknot said...

Wonderful garden. It looks so lush and green.