Monday, May 22, 2006

Garden Update


Fresh mint, squash, and bell peppers. This pic was taken about two weeks ago and the harvest has been continuous.


The morning after a deer pruning. That was a row of crimson sweet watermelon vines, covered in yellow blossoms.

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Munched melon mortally masticated.
Unruly ungulates!!


swamp4me said...

You could cook up those squash and peppers to go along with some, say, venison stew...

The deer here are particularly fond of Treebeard's sweet potato vines and bean vines.

pablo said...

So are those watermelon vines a complete loss? Will they recover?

That has to be frustrating. I get a few pine trees nibbled on, but I don't lose a whole crop. Yikes!

Terri said...

You put the Publix produce department to shame. What great looking specimens. Hey, guess those deer have to eat too.
I recently lost a newly planted Day Lilly to some unknown creature.

Laura said...

More reasons why deer are so overweight these days....
All kidding aside, that IS frusturating! The remaining produce looks healthy and delicious. Maybe you'd better put some espresso in the dogs water bowl before they go on guard duty. ;)

By the way, Mrs DoF left a comment for you in response to your statement "How did our parents stand it without cell phones?"
She wrote a great story about what her Dad went through in raising 4 daughters. It's a really nice story and it ends on a dime ;)
She left it in my comment section if you'd like to check it out.

Betsy said...

Wow, look at those watermelon vines (or lack thereof).

I guess now we know how Ma Baxter felt.

Hick said...

Oh how I hate those buggers. Just yesterday I sat in my house watching a flock of those rats with antlers munching the things that God gave them to munch on. I was on guard that they might walk into my yard and I would then have to sic Jazz the Wonder Dog after them, but I left them alone as long as they were eating the native flora.

Your melons look like my rose bushes.

Ava said...

Mmmm ... it all looks good to me!!!

Sorry to hear about your watermelons!!!

Leslie said...

When I saw your first photo, I took it as a personal affront and began to plot revenge. But then I saw your poor watermelon vines and I feel so sorry for you I just can't find it in myself to be hateful.

At least, not today.

Those are *gorgeous* squash and peppers! It was 36 last night here. I'm glad I haven't set my tomatoes and peppers out yet. Might get a frost tonight, of all things (avg. last frost date was May 5)

roger said...

damn deer! nice veggies tho.

Hal at Ranch Ramblins said...

Famished fawn foments fervent Florida farmer's fury.

Old Horsetail Snake said...

Let's see: Do we need a tall fence, or do we just forget it?

Mrs. S said...

You are SO SWEET to provide food for the nice deer like that.

You should be nominated for citizen of the year...

among the local wildlife, at least.

Floridacracker said...

Now, you'll laugh, but I am bonding with these deer. Makes the stew part tough. Last night, I had a stomp, snort encounter with a young buck from 30 feet apart. He was so curious about me. I felt quite buckish.

I don't know. Last year, they ate all the leaves off my gourd vines, but they recovered. I guess we'll see...

It has been a good season for those veggies. Good one for the deer too.

I believe it would take cocaine to get my old dogs up and running after deer. I'll check out that Vitaminsea comment section ASAP.

"lack of" about covers it!

Send Jazz here for a little RnR!

My squash eaters are happy. I like the peppers!

Well, the first photo was taken with you in mind, then the deer attacked the melons, so it's a mixed bag. Maybe I should have tried that rolling in the produce 'neath the full moon thing you mentioned...that would scare the deer away! Brrr on the 36.

what your deer fence prevents!

Nice one! :)

We share.

Floridacracker said...

Mrs. S,
I did receive an invite to their award ceremony, but thought it was a joke. Now I understand... :)

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Now you're even with us...we had frost.
Although you only lost your watermelon. It looks like fall again with leaves falling from the frost. We have to start again.

doubleknot said...

Electric fence? Or - bow and arrow - so the gun shots won't worry the neighbors. This sounds a little gross but they say that "marking your spot" keeps deer away - just ask any hunter about going about nature's buisness any where near their stands.

benning said...

Yeah, how do you keep the deer out? Higher fence?

I tried growing "Baby Sugar Melons" a few summers ago, but had to move out of my apartment before they matured. Prolly raked up after I left. :(