Monday, May 15, 2006

Monday Puzzler


Now what could this be?



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Wayne said...

Looks like an FC joke to me!
I hate to spoil it.

Thunder Dave said...

It's kind of cool looking whatever it is!

I thought I'd let you know that I posted earlier this morning. Don't get too excited though, no pictures yet just rambling's.

roger said...

hmmmm. do you have euclypts down there.

Hick said...


Euclyptus (sp?)?



Somebody stop me...

Ignoramus said...

it could be beautiful! that's what it could be.

Leslie said...

It looks like something Wayne posted about a while back. I already forgot what it was called.

Leslie said...

Nope. Something different. I was thinking of his pitcher plants from April 24 and May 5. I'm clueless. Fortunately this is a familiar and comfortable state for me.

Wayne said...

yeah, I think ol' FC is holding a pitcher plant flower on a stick under a willow oak branch.

Wayne said...

Of course, I only say that because FC strikes me as a trickster sort of guy. I know that kind of person well :-)

Mrs. S said...

Looks like one drunk flower catching a ride somewhere from that big green plant - ah yes, my knowledge of scientific terms astounds even me!

You're not really going to make us wait all day for an answer, are you FC?

Floridacracker said...

No time to answer, must go buy groceries for teenage horde. I'll post later this evening when things slow down.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Oh, I've seen lots of these. It's a doohickey with hang-downs. Very common up north.

Sharonliz said...

Found some growing at my dads place- it's a dwarf pawpaw,Asimina, I don't know which kind. Some kinds get big as trees but the only kind I've seen in Florida are shrubs.

Floridacracker said...

Nope, not a joke this time!

I'll check it out ASAP.

not a euca...


You got that right!

Looks a lot like Wayne's pitcher pictures, but it's something different. I may actually have confused Wayne...possibly.

Mrs. S,
End of the school year schedule is eating all my computer time, I can barely get on at all this week.

It's actually a thingie with hangdowns, doohickies are smaller.

WAY TO GO! This is blooming all around my place, but most are white blossoms, this individual is the only one I've seen with reddish blossoms. This variety stays low and shrubby and makes little fruits. The tree pawpaw grows in FL too, but isn't very common in my experience.

swamp4me said...

Okay, I know Florida is a different state and all, but your dwarf pawpaw looks absolutely nothing like our dwarf pawpaw: Asimina parviflora.

You're gonna have to give me a scientific name here...or a picture of the whole shrub so I can reconcile it in my little brain.

Tjilpi said...

Strange, we Banana Benders [well I'm now an exBB seeing I'm a Territorian] say PawPaw.

Others say papaya. Are you sure you weren't born here?

As a stinger, did you know that we [Oz] have exported eucalypts to the world, along with the fungus which grows on them and which causes Cryptococcal meningitis?

I'd say to DPR - don't sleep under a Gum Tree in California.

doubleknot said...

Paw paw - thanks for the pic because I have never been lucky enough to see one in the wild.

Floridacracker said...

Asimina augustifolia...I think. I'm at work and my field guides are packed up for a big move. Blossom is very reddish, but I think that's it.

Here Papaya is a different thing...big stinky tropical fruit. Nasty!!!

The one folks eat is a shrubby tree. This one is tasteless.

That was probably my only post due to a crazy day. Maybe, late tonight, but it's crazy here.

Sorry if you don't see me at your sites much this week. End of the school year is insane with events and ceremonies.

pablo said...

twig farm?
tales of misspent youth?
remodeling adventures?

C'mon. The blogosphere is a wasteland without your exciting contributions!

Floridacracker said...

Thanks buddy, I seem to be caught in a schedule that only allows a few minutes a day at a computer. Enough for a quick visit to fine sites like yours, but not enough for creative reflection.

Wayne said...

Thank goodness for swampy - I didn't want to question the possibility that one of those weird Floridian species could be so different but our pawpaws (both dwarf and cultivated) have teensy weensie brown flowers that appear on the naked branch before the leaves fill out.

I'm still really suspicious of a cracker trick.

Deb said...

Do what you have to, pomp and circumstance and all that. But we Crackerphiles miss you! :)

Hick said...

wasn't there a song about "way down yonder in the pawpaw patch"? Is it the same?

Floridacracker said...

I promise, this plant is not a joke. I screwed up the species name in responding to Swampy...I should have said "A. angustifolia. My blossom is really red on this one plant, but I have others that are creamy white like the A. angustifolia type photos. Go here:

Perhaps I have a genetic variation in my red pawpaw. This is way too plant nerdy for me...I'm feeling like the Thingfish when he backs up his ID with 20 citations.

Thanks, tonight was the 4th award ceremony in 6 evenings, baccalaureate is tomorrow evening and graduation is Saturday. Arrgghh. I came home from tonight's ceremony and cut 5 stair treads to fit before calling it a night and kicking JR off the computer. Whew!

The pawpaw of the song is a tree that produces an almost tasteless fruit that some people (without taste buds) think tastes like bananas. This plant is a cousin.

Wayne said...

Yep - I'm amazed at the photos - had no idea there were *showy* pawpaw flowers! It's probably all that Florida stuff.

And you may well have a color morph - or alternatively the photos of A. angustifolia (narrow leaves) are the morph and yours is normal!

Floridacracker said...

Oh to be normal...