Sunday, May 21, 2006

A Sign From Above


Yesterday, I was kneeling down to take a shot of a boring grass flower for
Wayne, when a shadow passed over me. I looked up...hovering over me on wings that only look dainty, was my absolute favorite bird, a swallow-tail kite. I jumped up and did some quick resetting/refocusing and managed to get a few pics.

I haven't done this bird photographic justice here, I had the short lens on, but I banged off the last 6 shots on the roll before the kite glided away.


I'm not a superstitious, horoscope reading, aromatherapy, crystal stroking kind of guy, but this did seem like a good sign. It pumped me up, just being so close, and the rest of the day did go wonderfully.

Kate made us laugh and then cry with her farewell speech.
She graduated with honors in front of family and friends.
I DID NOT choke up and even pronounced the Russian exchange student's 5 part name much applause I might add.
On the way home, I rescued a young diamondback rattlesnake basking in the road.

What a day. What a weekend.

(grad pics, later today)
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robin andrea said...

Wow! A swallow-tail kite! What a gorgeous bird. How wonderful to have one fly over just like that, and wait while you adjust your camera. Oh wouldn't it be great if all birds were so polite and accommodating.

Glad to hear that the graduation went well. Congrats on getting through it without choking up. I've been meaning to ask, What is Katie doing after graduation? Where is she going to college? Did I miss this part of the story?

Wayne said...

Wow. Everything you talk about makes me feel good! The kite is indeed a fantastic watcher over it all.

I imagine the Cracker family has had quite a weekend!

(Florida grasses though!)

Laura said...

I respectfully disagree, I think you did perfect justice to the swallowtail kite... the photo of him soaring into the sunlight is just breathtaking for a Sunday photo.
Congratulations to Kate! I hope all of her future dreams come true.

And please tell me you let the snake GO! LOL.
Hub did that once, caught a sluggish diamondback and brought it home for us to see. I would much rather have admired it from afar. Very far afar.

Terri said...

What a gorgeous photo! I think I've seen that flying over the island, but amateur that I am, had no clue what it was. I think I'm going to learn a lot coming here.
I'm terrified of snakes...I know, living here I'd better get used to it. I saw ONE snake in 19 yr. in New Port Richey. But I hear the island is covered with them. We haven't made acquaintances yet.
Sounds like the graduation was a perfect success. And thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.

Mrs. S said...

Clearly you are the coolest dad/photographer/snake rescuer/name reader EVAR...

Glad your day was so perfect, and those ARE some gorgeous photographs you've got there.

Deb said...

Those photos are breathtaking; what a beautiful bird. And I'm sure it was a sign, though I'm not that New Agey myself.

Glad the graduation went well, congrats to Kate! And thank you for rescuing the snake; I'm sure someone else would have run over it.

pablo said...

So you're supposed to stroke the crystals to make them work?

Zanne said...

Beautiful photos. Don't worry, we never mistook you for a crystal stroking kinda guy.

Glad that you had such a wonderful day, that Katie made you proud and you made her proud also. I'm sure Mrs. Cracker was sitting in the audience with a box of tissues. These kind of memories will warm you in your old age.....I just mention that because I'm getting there real fast!

Floridacracker said...

She's going to start off at a local college, close enough to commute, so she's not flying the nest completely.

Thanks. I'll get back on that grass actually has more to do with a childhood prank memory than botany.

Thanks on behalf of KatieBug. She's had quite a weekend...
The rattler got eased off the road with about 5 feet of bamboo between us. He was a beauty and will be a post this week.

Thanks. Don't worry about the snakes, they're pretty harmless...mostly.

Mrs. S,
It has been a multitasking weekend.Thanks for the support!

Definitely a road target. That snake had no desire to move...rattlers are confident to the point of arrogance. Kate did well and yes, the kite was just icing on the cake.

the crystals, stroke the crystals. Read your manual.

Certainly was a weekend for memories. I think I'm ready to go back to work now.

thingfish23 said...

We had three of them hovering above the house today, but only briefly. They never seem to stay around for long.

And it's funny that you mention them as your favorite bird, because they're also some of my faves as well. I always just kind of stop everything when they're around.

Nice post(s) - big ups to Katie-bug.

Floridacracker said...

Thanks Thing!

Ava said...

How great that you were able to catch some pictures of your favorite bird!!!!

Enjoyed the pictures.


Floridacracker said...


Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I'm sorry, I'm a bit late reading your posts, but I've been very busy outdoors. The rain finally stopped and its been sunny and things need doing.

Congratulations to Katie and to you for not choking up and for getting that foreign students name right.

I also would like to have a camera with a better zoom so I can take some pictures of birds.

Floridacracker said...

Thanks abandoned. I was late finding your comment too. :)