Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Going Back To St.Augustine

(Try and focus Rev Carri...)

Quick post this morning. I need to get on the road to St. Augustine. I'm going back to clean up the rest of the tree trimming mess I created, but this time, I've got Jr. and his buddy Tyler as indentured servants.
Since I don't have time this morning to bang out some witty essay, here are a few views of the ancient city.


Seagull: "I don't know...which boat do YOU want to poop on?"


Castillo de San Marcos....never captured, never surrendered in battle. This was where my town huddled when British pirates or the British Georgians and Carolinians attacked.

Those Brits...such rascals. Posted by Picasa


Zanne said...

And I'm sure you know the Florida Seminoles are the only tribe that never signed a peace treaty with the U.S. Government. I guess that means we're still at war with them.

Deb said...

Say hello to the lighthouse from me!

Thunder Dave said...

Hope you have a good time in the old town! All my indentured servants have grown and gone. Oh well, that actually gives me a little more exercise I guess.

pablo said...

I've stayed in a few bed and breakfasts, but I don't think I've ever been where angels and fairies reside.

robin andrea said...

I don't know if you've ever mentioned this before, but I've wondered how far you have to drive to get to St. Augustine from your house. Don't work those kids too hard! And I hope you have a safe and great day.

Mrs. S said...

Hope it's not too hot for your big work day!

And I think you read that Seagull's mind, honestly I do.

doubleknot said...

Nice post. Like the sea gull. I guess you picked the right place - they welcome angles.
Some where out there is a third double? tripple? who is the evil one - you two are just too nice.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I visited St.Augustine once...Have fun with your indentured servants and don't over-work them or they won't come back no matter how much you feed them.

Ava said...

What a great shot of the boats ... and I love your seagull humor!!!!!


Floridacracker said...

That's right. Of course all the Seminoles in FL are casino gambling millionaires these days.

Will do. You can go up in it now.

Good help is so hard to find these days...

Yes, and the question they get along?

Good question. It's 125 miles...about two and a half hours depending on traffic.

Mrs. S,
You know I speak seabird right?
Fluent in pelican...check the archives.

Maybe there is a third and I'm only the "kind of evil" twin.

Good advice. They worked really hard so I rewarded them with a trip to Barnes & Nobles (their choice!) and Chilis.

Thanks. Seagulls aren't hard to figure out...

rick said...

We were up in Savannah for three days this week.First time we have been there.Stayed on the river in a bed and breakfast"Olde Harbour Inn"had a balcony those container ships were amazing watching them come and go.Went to Tybee Island and to the lighthouse.Went on the trolly the last day and had no Idea Savannah was so rich in history cant wait to go back.When you worked for the Park Service where were you at?

Rurality said...

Passed through there just last week! I am embarrassed to admit that I only made it up to the first landing in the lighthouse. It was those dadgum see-through stairs! Or I'm getting old. Or possibly both.

Didn't make it over to your coast but I wave as we drove home. I'm sure you sensed it.