Tuesday, July 18, 2006

That's the open Gulf beyond Jr. We rode the end of a falling tide out through tiny islands to the Gulf, played around in the shallows during the slack tide, and then used the incoming tide to help us paddle back against a steady land breeze. (Yes, we planned it that way)

Jr. and the prop roots of the red mangrove. The more cold tolerant black mangroves are dominant just a few miles north.

Along the way, we found my idea of paradise on an isolated point. This is classic Florida architecture in a classic Florida setting.

In modern Florida, this is what the developers bulldoze to build bland, Condo/Marina complexes for the rich. They call that progress.

Y'all know what I call it...so, I'll leave it at that. Posted by Picasa


Hurricane Teen said...

"In modern Florida, this is what the developers bulldoze to build bland, Condo/Marina complexes for the rich. They call that progress."

Amen to that, FC. Amen to that.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for your posts. I moved to Florida to be with nature, and am instead surrounded by gated communities, fake orange painted Mediterranean architecture, and golf courses, UGH. Your site is a breath of fresh air!
I am currently renting an older cottage (pre-1960, survived Hurricane Donna), which is surrounded on 3 sides by new million dollar condos. When the rain comes during summer, all of the water floods into my yard, since I am at the bottom of the bathtub, so to speak. My consolation is that my water logged front yard is a perfect lunch spot for many Ibis which enjoy the swampy wetness. Keep up the great posts!

Susan in South FL

robin andrea said...

That's a great place. To think someone would bulldoze it. It has such character. I've never understood the obsession for something called progress.

Mrs. S said...

Beautiful pictures (especially the Ibis in flight) and wonderful writing (as usual - you should write for the travel brochures and make a fortune).

But WHAT's THIS about there being a Momma Dolphin and her baby?? You mentioned her, and yet didn't provide pictures?! Shame on you, FC. Those of us who've only seen dolphins in movies and aquariums stick our collective tongues out at you (well, I do, anyhow).

Floridacracker said...

Hurricane Teen,
As Zachary Richard said in one of his songs, "...Once it is gone, it ain't never coming back again". He was talking about Cajun francais, but it fits here too.

Welcome. Thank you for the kind comment. You made my day.
Take care of those ibis.

Here, under every cookie cutter coastal development lies the foundations of our real Florida culture.

Mrs. S,
I took the 35mm, not the super zoomer digital, as a result, I could not pull in the dolphin fins. They kept their distance, not far away, but too far for a good photo with a 70mm lens.
They really were there...it's actually a very common sight.

Mrs. S said...

Well, I forgive you then. And I believe you they were there. I just wanted to SEE 'em - especially the baby.

Anonymous said...

Yeah-I know what you call it.But it's not Jeb Bushs' fault!And if it is -you think a Deomcratic governor wouldn't do the same?

Floridacracker said...

Nice name by the way.

Did I even mention Jeb in this little essay?
Actually, Jeb has been a strong force in protecting this coast from offshore drilling. I think he deserves credit for smart decisions, just as he earns criticism for poor decisions in the fields of education and the environment.

I don't play the political party name calling game, but since you brought it up. I do think that despite their sometimes wacko social and defense policies, the democrats do have a better track record on the environment. Just in case you're a registered voter here in Florida, you might click on the Rod Smith For Governor link to the right. He's a solid guy, not your typical democrat candidate. That's about as political as it gets here, pal.

In the meantime, you need to chill. Take your kid canoeing and see if you aren't more relaxed afterwards...works for me.

Take care.

Hurricane Teen said...

Dolphins are so hard to get a picture of because they go underwater and you never know where they're gonna come back up again. I think they enjoy playing with us like that :-D.

Stinks that politics were brought up on here, by the way.

Floridacracker said...

I could've got these two easy with the new digital, but I'm being extra protective of it still.

It's okay, Anonymous and everyone else are always free to express their opinions here, we won't always agree, but we can agree to disagree without being disagreeable.

That's America.