Sunday, August 13, 2006

Katie's "New" Car


(Late post today as no internet access most of the day)

Well...there it is, her new wheels, our new debt.

(Be careful about telling your young children, "If you study hard and get a scholarship to college, we'll buy you a car to get you there."

It might come true.

Yesterday's car shopping experience in Metropolis was not as bad as I had expected. We barely entered the urban zone so traffic was not an issue, and the couple who sold us the car were about as pleasant as folks can be.

Except for spending was not that bad a day.

It's a 2002 Dodge Neon, nice and clean, with low mileage. I know Neons are safe cars as my wife managed to roll our Neon back in 1997. She walked away with seatbelt marks on her shoulder. (It's a post somewhere in the archives)

Now...Emma is car shopping.


Postscript: Tomorrow's post is a bizarre picture of my dog Flounder that needs a caption...or maybe it just need to be deleted. Be ready... Posted by Picasa


Hal at Ranch Ramblins said...

When I rented a Neon for a week I was very impressed that the car had the feel and ride of a much larger automobile. Your selection looks like a great one for your daughter.

BTW, from what I have seen of tuitions lately, you might have gotten off easy with the car-scholarship deal you and your daughter made.

Abandoned in Pasadena said... careful of what you promise...we made that mistake 3 times. *LOL*

(message to my kids if you're reading this...just kidding kids and if you go for your doctorate we'll buy you another one...or you can buy me one).

Deb said...

Nice wheels. My string of college vehicles, which I didn't start until I was a sophomore, included a '71 Nova and a "spitfire orange" '78 Volare. In the case of vehicles, my dad's mantra "whatever's cheapest" isn't always the best course.

kevin said...

I'm still making car payments for a kid in college. She graduates next year, but is going to work on her Masters. The grandparents mentioned paying for her Doctorate. I guess I'll never get rid of her car payment.

Mrs. S said...

Glad the car-shopping went better than expected, and glad you survived the booming metropolis world to tell us your tales ;)

I will look forward to the Flounder picture with eager anticipation! I'm all about the Flounder and co. pics!! (hey, anything is better than bugs being eaten by other bugs - UGH!)

Thunder Dave said...

I've got a truck for sale. It's Dude's and we're trying to seel it for him. It's not doing him much good since he's over in Germany! ;-)

Nice car Katie!

roger said...

your family is, um, kinda hard on cars. but then, you're good at finding new (er) ones too.

Floridacracker said...

We always said our 95 Neon had great head room and felt bigger than it was too. Yes, I am ahead. I remind myself of that constantly.

That looks like the road I'm on too!

Don't feel bad, I had a Gremlin.

That's why you and I will never be able to retire...

Mrs. S,
No bugs...not yet.

Let me catch my breath from this purchase...

it's the girls darn it! i haven't had a ticket or an accident...ever. just pull over if you ever see katie on the road near you.

Ava said...

Wow, good for her earning a scholarship!!!! Looks and sounds like a great car.

Floridacracker said...

Thank you. We are proud of her and the other two as everybody seems to be on the right track. (Fingers crossed, knocking on wood, rubbing rabbit's foot)