Saturday, September 30, 2006

What'll It Be?


The lovely Laura of Vitaminsea has a photo request weekend going on at her site. It's called "Where We Live" and it's a photo meme of sorts, one that is right up my alley, so how could I not play along? The idea is to share a bit about the locale in which you dwell. The catch is YOU make the photo requests, and I go get 'em.

Click on the Vitaminsea link to find out more and maybe join in.

So put in your photo requests via comment this weekend, understanding that my schedule looks something like this:

I have Jr.'s soccer game in the small town of Newberry at noon o'clock today, then I'm more or less free to be your photoslave. Tomorrow I travel across the state to celebrate my Dad's birthday in St. Augustine.

So I have some time constraints and happy obligations to work around, but don't we all.
The reality is some requests may not make it up this weekend, but they will be on "my to do" list.

You request, I will try to do my best.

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amarkonmywall said...

At your place, the status of the occupants of the frog pond. In St. Augustine- are the lions still there?

Hope the game goes well and enjoy the weekend!

Anonymous said...

At your place (to quote Vicky).. try to show readers that Florida is not all palm trees and mickey mouse. It's 100% oaks and all the subdivsions are named after Oaks. (kidding!).
I'll just leave that up to your interpretation!

St. Augustine, with it's beautiful churches and quaint homes, tree lined streets, the bridges... I don't know HOW you're going to choose. I'll leave it up to you!

Rurality said...

I would love to see a picture of Florida losing to Alabama in the football game this afternoon. Thanks! ;)

R.Powers said...

I will walk to the "pond" when I finish this comment. The lions I'll deal with Sunday :)

I got it ... some palmless real FL and St. Aug's quaintness. Can do Sunday.

Now, it's true there is a Magic Kingdom in FL, but I am not a magician nor a miracle worker.

robin andrea said...

Are there any flowers still blooming there? I cut a little bouquet in our yard yesterday, and I'd love to see what a bouquet from your yard would look like these days. We still have sunflowers, dahlias, coreopsis, and rudbeckia.

Anonymous said...

Hey Cracker!

Just stopping by...hope to see your pics of St. Augustine up after the weekend :) Have a great trip!

Sara Sue

Anonymous said...

Great idea! How about the road side wild flowers? At one time mowing was timed for after blooming, how's that working?

LauraHinNJ said...

Sounds fun! I'll second the request for pics of a wildflower bouquet.

Anonymous said...

I also vote for some roadside wildflowers. A picture of your favorite St. Augustine location would be nice. Enjoy the weather. It's been so beautiful the last week or so.

Anonymous said...

shrimp still at racy we got a bucket in 4 hours

Anonymous said...

How 'bout the inlet taken from the back of the old fort?

Anonymous said...

twig farm

Anonymous said...

I'd like a picture of your favorite spot - on your property, at school, in town, whichever - and an explanation, if it's not too much to ask, of why it's your favorite. Couches don't count, but I doubt I need to say that to an outdoor buff like yourself ;)

ImagineMel said...

how 'bout some "good ant" pics with your eldest in the background? hehehe...I'll settle for a pic of the bull on the roof in Hastings!

Sandy Hatcher-Wallace said...

At your place show pictures of your pond and the closest seawater to your home. Are there any aligators around...maybe some swamps and also some St.Augustine pictures would be nice.

Am I asking for too much? I would like to see your pond though.

Anonymous said...

I'm kinda partial to your horse and cow pics. I was gonna request pics of the FL Cracker ones. Any chance? 8-]

PS - if you thought Deltona was bad, you should see what St Joe is doing up here. It's enough to make a preacher cuss.

R.Powers said...

I know what St.Joe is doing. It's depressing. Remember when they were a FORESTRY company? That must have been the Doctor Jekyll side of the company ...

I think I have a cracker cow pic in my stash.

Suzanne said...

Oh Gosh...I've been busy, busy, busy and somehow missed the photo request thingie. Can I get a request in? Please? Please?

I love cypress trees, the ones in the swamps. When I was a kid my dad would take a boat out in the panhandle swamps and cut cypress knees. We'd peel off the bark and polish them up into beautiful pieces of artwork. Very popular back in Chicago. Don't tell the cypress police, OK?

So, are there any cypress near you?