Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Wish Box


I mentioned to my wife that we needed a place for everyone to place their wishes throughout the year so gift giving was easier for the giver and more fun for the receiver.

It would have to have a compartment for each family member and be easy to get into at gifting time. Throughout the year, as you see something that would be nice to have, you drop a note in your slot ... instead of casually mentioning a specific wish once and then expecting someone (who probably wasn't paying attention at the time) to remember that wish months later ... whew!

Mrs. FC sat down and whipped this up on a Saturday morning. Just a modified shoebox with dividers inside. The colors are favorites of the person whose section they cover.
She intended it as a temporary solution, but I like it.

Mine is still empty ...Jr.'s is stuffed.

His birthday is this month. Posted by Picasa


Laura said...

That's a great idea! Would be especially good for families with young kids too.

vicki said...

You want for nothing, FC? How sweet is that!

I love the bat house. We have bats here in the Windy City. Every evening at dusk they swarm out of the church across the street...yes, the belfry. Now about the rats in the alley...

Mrs. S said...

Good to see Jr. is getting into the spirit of things!

That is a lovely box - I really like the colors, but I was wondering if the initials across the top were going to be some form of test from you. I was relieved to read the post and find no test.

Deb said...

Clever! I'm afraid my kids would need a much bigger box, however! Oh well, there's no harm in wishing.

Floridacracker said...

It was desperation not inspiration. When Christmas comes around, I can never remember all those little hints dropped throughout the year.

"mo'money" doesn't take up much box space. Maybe you could make a rat house :)

Mrs. S,
No tests, just wishes.

Yeah, I think they will be typing in 8pt font to get it all in there.

pablo said...

My daughter has something similar online for her new house. In fact, doesn't have a wishlist you can create for yourself?

Floridacracker said...

Amazon does and there are online sites for this, but we wanted "handy practical".
It works for us.

madcap said...

It's an excellent idea! We need one, definitely.

(Alas, I switched to "beta" and now I can't comment freely. I guess this means I'm "other".)

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

WOW! That's the greatest idea I've seen in a long time...and simple too.

I'm making me one tomorrow...with one slot...Mine.

Kelvin said...
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Floridacracker said...

You are always welcome here, Beta or not :)

It's good to be focused. :)