Thursday, December 28, 2006

How To Catch Fish In Cedar Key, Florida

(This guy is so fishy, he doesn't even need a rod and reel)
Denny Voyles is a a friend of mine and a fellow teacher who is a fishing guide on the weekends and during the summer. He is, without a doubt, the fishiest person I have ever met. He's also one of the funniest and a day fishing with him is a mix of salt spray, laughter, and fish. Denny has a knack for finding and catching fish that borders on the supernatural. He's originally from Minnesotarctica, but you would think he had been born in Cedar Key the way he knows the surrounding Gulf waters.
I took the picture above a few years ago, before he became a famous fishing guide. We were out fishing off of Seahorse Key and I caught a remora. Remoras (aka "sharksuckers") are commensal symbionts (you're googling, aren't you?) who attach themselves to larger animals like sharks, seaturtles, and manta rays. They hitch rides on their host and detach to feed on the host fish's scraps or small creatures that the host stirs up. The sucker is an adaptation of the remora's dorsal fin and causes no harm to the host fish. It's a bizzarre device and had I been on the ball, I would have photographed it too.
On this particular day,we had caught and released a six foot nurse shark and shortly after that, a remora grabbed a jig I was reeling in. It's probable that it had been attached to the nurse shark and had let go during the shark capture. After a brief fight, I brought the remora aboard for a picture. At this point, Denny attempted to stick it to his cheek, but the remora failed to attach, so he held it to his forearm.
The remora attached and hung there for a photograph before being released back into the Gulf, unharmed, but with a heck of a story to share with the other remoras.
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Hurricane Teen said...

ha ha ha...the poor Remora probably wanted the sandwiches in the cooler.

Alan said...

Remoras - It seems you can't escape politicians no matter where you go.


threecollie said...

Is that fish your friend is holding up in the picture on his site a tarpon? It is really, really big! His fishing trips sound wonderful. Alas I get sea sick.

pablo said...

There was a boy in my sons' Scout Troop who could regularly and easily catch fish with his bare hands. Up in the Ozarks (and probably elsewhere) they call it noodling.

Rurality said...

Umm... ouch. And a little ick!

Floridacracker said...

It was fried chicken as I recall :)


Yes, he's good at finding tarpon.

Have you tried it??

We like to come home smelling fishy when we go fishing :)

pissed off patricia said...

I always think or remoras to be akin to the worthless brother in law who hangs around because he can eat free and have a place to sleep.

Floridacracker said...

Or that kid back in the school cafeteria, who always asked, "are you gonna eat that?"

...Wait, that was me. Okay, never mind.